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    « Angela Merkel should be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize
    Inflation has this singular effect and that is in your old age you will never be able to afford what you took for granted in your youth.
    - Dr. Peter Achutha, June 2010
    formulae for Pythagoras Theorem »

    Finite Event Analysis a Theorem for parallel processing and machine control?

    Finite Event Analysis

    Actually, my mom was clearing the store room and had it renovated. So everything was outside the store room and made the place look like a disaster zone. I had to go through everything and decide what could be thrown, what could be given away for charity and would could be kept.

    The store room after renovation

    You can observe what the store room looked like after rennovation in the photo above. So today I started to sort out all the old books - those that could be given to second hand book stores and those that should be thrown away. While I was clearing all the books my mom wanted me to throw away all the old letters and documents. My first reaction was to throw the lot away. Luckily, I decided to go through them and I discovered an old document dating back to 1985 that showed my application to the US patent office for a parallel processing theorem.

    The paralle processing theorem

    Many years ago I was a design engineer working on refurbishing old equipemt in order to improve their performance. Sometimes the equipment was so old we had to strip the cabling and the sensors and replace them. Mostly the custom CPU was intact and in working condition. It was then that I began to program the machines in Assembly Language.

    I loved programming in Assmebly Language. Eventually I saw all the problems with the software and decide to rewrite the code. That was how I came to invent the Finite Event Analysis Theorem.

    The work was so unique that the company applied for a patent for this theorem. Unfortunately, months later we found out that the patent application was rejected as it was a general theorem. Fortunately, I have these old documents to prove that in 1985 or earlier, about 35 years ago, I invented the most powerful theorem for parallel processing and machine control.

    The partial documents revealing the theorem

    Now, after many years of silence, I am revealing a glimpse into this technology.

    Finite Event Analysis Theorem Patent Application
    Finite Event Analysis Theorem Patent Application
    Finite Event Analysis Theorem Patent Application

    Powerful reliable and stable software

    Actually, I developed a monitor program, that is what they called it those days but it was a complete operating system to control machines. All my machines ran and ran and ran without crashing or needing to be rebooted. They were doing self diagnostics at run time simultanoeusly with production and no one noticed it.

    If you looked at the software architecture you will be amazed at how unique it was. You could look at a machine and determine how many CPU's were needed to operate the machine. The operating system never hung, never needed to be rebooted and was crash proof. It could run continously for years without any problems. I even remember trying to propose a CPU architecture to take advanvantage of this theorem.

    With this parallel procesing operating system, my machines had almost no downtime. They could run 3 shits a day, day in and day out for years on end. The original machines had an MTBA of about 12 minutes but after I upgraded them their MTBA improved to about 8 hours. MTBA is Mean Time Between Assist, that is how frequently the operator has to assist the machine. Instead on one operator looking after 2 machines she could hand 4 or more machines.

    Just to let you know that I have invented amazing techonlogies in the past.

    Beware the Chinese will kill anyone who appears to be better than them. The whole community will gang up to destroy you without provocation. That is why, Mr. President Trump, I thank you for the trade tarrifs against China. You must be God sent to propose and implement them. I agree with you about the trade tarrifs, from personal experience but I had kept quiet all this while as I had to finish off my anti hacking software to protect WordPress websites.

    - Dr. Peter Achutha, 13th July 2018


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