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7. Gold price forecast 2011 2015

Gold Price Forecast 2011 2015

gold price forecast pix for price of gold

An introduction to gold price forecast

This article is about gold price trend prediction. I have predicted many commodity trends like sugar, rubber, gold silver and it appears that I need to reassess the prediction every 3 months to a year. That is quite a good track record considering no one else can predict trends many months or years into the future. Most of my experience has been in predicting the shape of future trends so that we know when to buy and when to sell by viewing my charts.


What is the price of Gold today?


price of gold today gold price forecast



Other analyst gold price forecast

One multi-national bank has predicted the Gold will reach US$2,000 per oz by 2014 and US$5,000 per oz by 2020, see www.goldalert.com gold price forecast. A poll of 12 analysts by Reuters found price forecast for gold in 2015 was $1,700 see www.telegraph.co.uk gold price forecast .


Are the analysts wrong on gold price forecast?

I think they are wrong on the gold price forecast, as if this current mood keeps up we will see the price of gold could breach US$2000 before end of 2011 (very slim possibility) and reach US$3100++ per oz by 2015 and after that must tumble or go sideways because the money supply has dried up and other investment will look more profitable by then. Anyway, I believe, worldwide salaries have to double or triple for gold price to hit US$5000 per oz.


Need about two months to confirm my gold price forecast

To confirm my long range predictions of the price of gold, I need to wait and see what happens after August 2011 (see my silver price prediction chart) when I may make the next gold price forecast correction (I hope I don’t need to), forecast or prediction only after August or September 2011. That is, after August 2011, I will know for sure these price of gold predictions are correct because I am expecting silver prices to fall after about August 2011 and I do not know if gold can hold its own against silver or will follow silver’s lead. But I still think that the 2015 prediction of USD$3100 is correct.


Summary of gold price forecast

In between, 2011 and 2015, there will be ups and downs. If you are a speculator you cannot be looking that far but if you are a genuine investor it is worth considering when to take a position on gold. Actually, if the current economic mood prevails the price of gold can roughly go upwards for the next few years, up to 2015 to US$3100 per oz, when it will hit a ‘top’ then tumble or go sideways.


Table of gold price forecast

gold price forecast table for price of gold


I noticed the behaviour of gold was 'strange' in October / November 2009 when I first did the charts but it was too early to tell. In October / November 2009, based upon my charts, during the World Wide Recession, I did however predict that commodity prices in general will climb in 2011. In the analysis above I am using averaged data and not closing prices hence gold price could move to US$3700 by end of 2015. (this paragrah added 18 July 2011)




See my chart on gold price forecast trend 2011 to 2016


The Predictive Technical Analysis for Gold Price Trend Prediction

Please refer to my next article on gold price forecast

Previous article is on silver price forecast 

Silver price forecast charts are availble here   

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This article on “Gold price forecast” was researched and written by Peter Achutha, 15th July 2011





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