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36. Powerful nontoxic insecticide used in my kitchen for exterminating ants

Non toxic insecticide can be used on locust swarms



China hacked both my sites and disrupted my safe ant spray

Sorry guys for not blogging for almost 1 year and 3months. Both my sites where hacked viciously by China and as a result I was getting warning letters from my hosting provider. I had to stop everything to sort this out. As a result of my investigation, I have developed website based PHP software products that were difficult to hack or spam. They were specifically designed to lower the CPU usage and bandwidth usage under heavy loading like high visitor traffic or hacking by powerful organizations. I am using these php programs in 7 of my websites. The PHP software products are:-

1. XFC PHP Cache to improve the performance of your website and reducing loading by automatically checking your php scripts and caching those that can be cached. You can use Memcached or Disk Caching.

2. dpaContactUs a Contact Us form with a Sign Up form and a proxy email server. This was designed to operate in 3 different modes. As a simple contact us form. In private mode to block spammers finding your email address by using two email addresses. Thirdly, as a proxy email server which means you do not have to have an email address for each of your website. All you need is one email address that all can share.

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I began searching for a safe ant spray back in July 2012. Unfortunately, China hacked my sites so all publishing of my experiments stopped for more than a year. I believe I have found a safe solution that can be used for exterminating ants in the kitchen. I could have released this article on a non toxic insecticide earlier, before the March 2013 locust swarms, if China had not hacked my sites.



See the March 2013 locust swarms over Egypt

What is a locust swarm and could a simple nontoxic insecticide destroy them?



My nontoxic insecticide for exterminating ants

It was a rainy day, in mid 2012, when I noticed that there were a lot of ants in my apartment's kitchen. So I bought a spray can of insecticide and began spraying the whole of my kitchen. You should not be using pesticides in the kitchen for exterminating ants. I told myself that I would wash up all the dishes and throw away all the contaminated food once I had finished eradicating all the ants.

Oh boy, was I mistaken how difficult that would be. They had nested under the cloth under the dish rack. They had made a nest inside of wood paneling of my kitchen cabinets. I could see them coming out from one particular hole in the wood paneling. So I sprayed that hole until it was dripping with insecticide. I could not do any cooking nor was there any food stored in my kitchen.

What do you know? You would have expected all the ants to die out, right? That was a big waste of time and insecticide. After a few days they reappeared. … damned ants … if the most powerful toxic insecticide on supermarket shelves did not work, I had to try something else.

Actually, I tried almost everything in my kitchen, from salt to chili powder to pepper to what not. And then the last stuff I tried began to work … like a miracle sent from heaven.



My experimental nontoxic pesticide

I had been using baking soda to brush my teeth on and off over the last 10 to 15 years but I would not recommend it to others. It helped me fight ‘plaqueky’ white stuff on my teeth and tongue and remove some stains. I knew that the bacteria in the mouth needed acidic conditions to survive and drill holes into my teeth. I was neutralizing the acidic conditions with some alkaline stuff so that the bacteria would die out. Let me digress here a bit. I was a heavy chain smoker and loved sipping a cup of coffee while I chained smoked. That meant a cup of coffee could last a few hours which meant that my teeth and guns were bathed in sugary solution, the coffee, every few minutes. This encouraged lots of plaque generation. That was the reason I was using baking soda. Brushing my teeth with just a little would form a thin film on my teeth and destroy the bacteria and stop the plaque formation. I have never recommend this to any one as after many years of use I noticed I had sensitive teeth but I do not know if it was caused by the baking soda.

Having used baking soda for other purposes I decided to try it out on those miserable ants. I mixed a teaspoon of baking soda into a cup of water and then sprayed it on the ants. Oh my God, those ants wriggled and died within seconds. Wow this was getting exciting. I sprayed on them again and again and again until everyone one of those ants were dead. At the end of this exercise I realized I had 3 different ant species in my kitchen as I saw 3 different sizes of ants.   Then I tried it on other insects. It worked on bees, wasps, and beetles – a lot slower. It seemed to work on all insects. Those with a thick exoskeleton were slower to die and needed a lot more spraying. The larger insects were also slower to die and needed a lot more sprays … up to 20 sprays as they flew near me. Ants were easy target as they traveled the same route and were tiny. Just one spray was sufficient. I just sprayed my cleaned kitchen work surface every night with a thin film of baking soda solution. The following morning my kitchen work surface was free of all ants. It was safe ant spray.

If you are not trained in eradicating pests, don’t try this directly on bees or wasp’s nests as you may not have enough baking soda solution to kill them before they attack you.  


My spray container with baking soda solution


baking soda solution plastic container The baking soda solution consisted of one teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate mixed in one cup of water. I then filled a plastic spray bottle with this solution to spray on insects.

Photos of how my safe ant spray was working

An easy to exterminate insect and a difficult one.

kitchen safe bug spray This was one of my early experiments where I had placed a lot of baking soda solution on the kitchen work surface. The ant died within 2 to 3 seconds. I do wonder if it is possible to get rid of ants nest by pouring a bucket of baking soda solution on the nest.
ant spray not toxic to humans This beetle had a thick exsoskeleton and I guess the baking soda solution could not penetrate to the soft tissue inside. This is one of the reasons it is best sprayed when the insect is in flight as then their bodies are exposed.

Was this a termite or a bee or a wasp

the effects of an insecticide A bee was just sprayed.
pesticide for bees and wasps The baking soda solution was taking effect and you can observe one wing falling off from the insect.
The insect is dead You can see how the insect died. Oddly enough, it was stuck in that position then it died.

Another wasp

using pesticides to kill a wasp One day a wasp flew into my apartment. I quickly rushed to spray it with baking soda solution. It did try to fly away but disappeared on top of the cupboard. I never saw it after that so I do not know if it lived or died.

Another bee or a wasp

wasp exterminated I must have sprayed this insect about 20 times and it landed on my kitchen electronic weighing scale. You can observer that it had burst and a lot of fluid discharged from its body.
powerful pest exterminators A few minutes later the body broke open and white stuff dropped out. I guess the white stuff is probably part of its internal organs. So it looks like baking soda solution can be one of the powerful pest exterminators


I wonder if this bicarbonate of soda solution could be used to eradicate bed bugs. Just spray it on the bed sheets and mattress, I guess. From experience, I know that the insecticides you get in the supermarkets do work on bed bugs so i do hope my baking soda solution becomes a bedroom and kitchen safe bug spray.


I would have released this article in 2013 as I began my experiments around July 2012. Unfortunately China began attacking both my sites and I dropped everything to sort that out and block the hackers. More about China’s hacking in a another article. This is my latest discovery or invention that I am giving freely so that many people especially the poor can benefit from it. I do hope it helps with the army ants and fire ants in the Americas and with the locust plagues in Africa and the Middle East.  

- Peter Achutha 22 April 2014


This article on Powerful nontoxic insecticide used in my kitchen for exterminating ants was researched and written by Peter Achutha

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