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Predicitng the stock market and forecasting trends

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Market Theories & Predicting the Stock Market by Visual Inspection

Predicitng the stock market and forecasting trends

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My Secret Techniques to Forecast the Stock Market Never seen before powerful new techniques to analyse the stock market.

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Perfect Love & Other Stories

What is CS-Cart?

If you are looking for a shopping cart software for you website to carry out internet e-commerce operations I would recommend that you purchase the CS-Cart Software. It has many useful features such as :-

1. an Affiliate Program with muti-tier affiliates.

Whys is an Affiliate Program very important. If you are a small or medium size business I bet you that you do not have sufficient funds to keep advertising your products. Advertising can bring in visitors but does not guarantee any sales. I have tried advertising and used to get 4000 new visitors per month but no buyers. You can watch the money go out of your company but nothing coming in - no sales. With an Affiliate program you can control your costs. I have chosen the option where affiliates get paid for products sold and not for clicks or visits or anything else. That means my affiliates are my wholesalers and dealers / retailers. The good thing about this option is that upon collecting money from my product purchasers I will have the cash to pay out my affiliates.

2. Manual Postal Rates. You can set up manually the postal or courier services you are using which can convenient. This means that you can choose any courier service who can provide you with a table of courier rates. It also means that you do not need to set rates for countries that you do not plan to sell too.

3. Very Good Technical Support. Their technical support is excellent and very fast. I have no words to described how helpful they were when I was in difficulty.

4. Multi Currency Quotes. If you look at the top right hand corner of this web site you will notice a little box allowing the visitor to see the price of your products in the currency he prefers, out of the currencies you have set up. Your customer must feel comfortable when he visits your site. He needs to get a feel of how expensive or cheap your product is and this can only be done if you quote to him in a currency he understands.

These were the features that were very important to me and I think they will be very important to you if you are a small business trying to break into the e-commerce market and trying to get visibility for your products when there are already literally 6 billion other web pages competing for visitor attention.

CS-Cart is a PHP5+MySQL-based secure shopping cart software with support for PHP Smarty Templates

If you want to see an example of CS-Cart in operation you are currently looking at one, my website www.drpetersnews.com

1. You can get more product information at CS-Cart Product info

2. You can purchase the software at CS-Cart Buy Now

3. If you need a multi-vendor version you can get more information at CS-Cart Multi-Vendor

4. You can purchase the multi-vendor version at CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Purchase

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