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    « Powerful nontoxic insecticide used in my kitchen for exterminating ants
    You reap what you sow but did you know that you sow what you reap?
    - Dr. Peter Achutha, 14 December 2009
    Block hackers bad bots scrappers stop ddos attacks wordpress blog sites »

    China starts World War 3 with rampant piracy and bullying smaller nations

    Will China completely destroy Russia?

    I have been watching the history of the world repeat itself. It is always about a big bully nation whose leaders are greedy for power and glory and in their megalomania of bull headed righteousness believe that only they are the chosen ones to rule the world.  No, I am not talking about Putin as his failures will be coming to knock at his doorstep later.

    I have been watching with horror how he is trying to re-conquer his Russian neighbors and it shows his disregard for international law, sovereign rights and peace on earth.  How far will he go? Ukraine today, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus tomorrow, Mogolia next? Or will it be Germany and Poland?

    How can he declare the Crimean Peninsula a separate country from Ukraine? What he is doing is like China declaring Penang Island, in Malaysia, belongs to China because there is a large Chinese population there.

    Sometimes I get this sneaky feeling that Russia and China have made a pact as to how they will carve up the world.

    China’s Master Plan

    The Chinese are on a worldwide conquest ever since they conquered Tibet. No doubt they have been slow about it and I think it was partly due to the lack of armaments and funds.  The Chinese have always thought of themselves as the master race. It is uncannily like the rise of the Nazis.

    Even here in Malaysia they think they are the master race and the rest of us non-Chinese are of lesser intelligence and must occupy the lower ranks due to our inferior breeding.  They have a term for us non-Chinese. They call us the foreign devils. This insinuates that we non-Chinese must be punished for whatever reason and killed off.  Sounds like the Muslim terrorists, right? It is exactly the same philosophy and same attitude.

    What does it mean to be a foreign devil?

    In Malaysia they pillage and pirate anything of non-Chinese origin, as we are the foreign devils. They will not allow foreign devils to start a business and if we do they will gang up as a community to shun any non-Chinese products. In fact I have seen them avoid non-Chinese products and services and wait for a Chinese to pirate those products and then run and purchase them from the Chinese pirates.  By doing this for the last 200 years they have come to the point where no non-Chinese can start a business without the Chinese approval. They control every part of the economy from food supply to rubber, to metal works, to car industry, to baking and bakeries, to paints, to semi-conductor industry, to manufacturing, to couriers, to transport, to fund managers, to banks, to insurance, to construction, to land ownership, to factory and commercial property ownership, to shipping, … every aspect of business and commerce in Malaysia is controlled by the Chinese. And this phenomenal economic strangle hold repeats its self in all the South East Asian Nations. I know … as even in Real Estate they had asked me if I am Chinese so that they avoided doing their deals through a non-Chinese agent.

    They want the money to be kept within the Chinese community and firmly believe non-Chinese should not be allowed to carry out any business.  Actually I have seen them do horrifying things for money and their Chinese people. Many of us bear their deep hatred of us in silence because if we speak up we will be dragged into their slaughter house too. So I tell you, from experience, that China’s actions will be even more ruthless, merciless and wicked.

    Many foreigners thought it was wrong for Malaysia to have a 30% Bumiputera policy but I would like to ask all these foreigners where did they get their information from and who were they listening too – the Chinese? When the Chinese provide advice it will always be for their benefit and not your benefit. For more than 200 years the Chinese have had a 100% Chinese only quota, long before the 'pendatang Melayu' came to Malaysia. And even today they still apply the 100% Chinese quota. It’s not written down anywhere so you will not find out about it until you go looking for a job or try to start a business then you will see the 100% Chinese quota system working. Just check around all the American, Japanese and European companies in Malaysia and see how few non-Chinese executive and management staff there are in these companies.

    I can tell you many real life incidents of how they treat us. Last year, I was trying to help my Malay (Muslim) friend at his restaurant to improve the quality of pizzas and introduce some bread and buns for burgers and sandwiches. I called up a few European companies located in Klang Valley and one company sales man scolded me for calling him. Another company didn’t want me to show up but when I did they gave me free samples of some chemicals but refused to give me a price quotation. In fact when I tried to meet up with them later they left message and emailed me that they were too busy to meet me.

    All these companies are controlled by local Chinese and they do not want non-Chinese to have access to European or American bread improvers. Only Chinese companies are allowed to purchase such products to improve their sales.  After that I did what I do best. I invented my own bread improver which is far cheaper than what the Chinese refused to sell to me. Make no mistake there are still some good Chinese around. I managed to source potatoes, for my Malay friend, through a Chinese company and certain food additives, like vitamin C, and other chemicals through another. These are supplied through good people but the vast majority of the local Chinese sales staff are horrid and want to see non-Chinese businesses fail. They are willing to sell to the non-Chinese defective, non-working machines and then charge huge amounts to get it repaired after they claim you spoiled the machine. Like I said these are my personal experiences.  I had a similar problem with a German tire company controlled totally by the local Chinese. The Chinese have a zero tolerance for any non-Chinese who tries to do any business. We non-Chinese are not allowed to earn an income. They expect us to be their slaves to do free work for them but they have to charge us for their work.

    The year was 1965 or 1966, the school was St. Thomas, a Catholic missionary school in Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia. The Standard One students, 7 years of age, were told that the top three students will be given a prize each. When the year end came the best student was Chinese, the second best student was Indian and the third best student was Chinese. Do you know what the school administration did? The awarded the Chinese students with prizes and ignored the Indian student. That was how wicked the Chinese were, they were taking out their hatred of the other races, on little school children. This is completely against the teachings of Jesus Christ. Most Chinese Christians are not Christians. Only in name they are Christians. Their ‘Chineseness’ comes first and then money and then Christ. In fact they were so racial in Kuantan during the 1960’s that they claimed they were “pure Chinese”. Wow, Chinese adults were telling little non-Chinese children this. Didn’t they know that Genghis Khan and Kublai Khan put end to that long time ago? You see how the Lord God works. The Chinese in Kuantan in the 1960’s would condemn us for not having pure black hair. Many Indians have a slight brown tinge and I think that may have been due to Alexander the Great. Do you know what the Lord God has done today? There are more brunettes and blondes in Malaysia then in Sweden. What a laugh.

    Let me make it clear to all non-Chinese how they operate. If you, as a non-Chinese, come out with your own products or inventions they will not buy your product. They will search for a Chinese who sells a similar product or has pirated your products and purchase it from him. My Chinese printers have tried to pirate my books!

    If you are non-Chinese they will sell to you at a higher price than they would sell to a Chinese. Even as a publisher, I was not allowed to sell any of my books in the local book shops. I have to share my profits with a Chinese agent before I could be allowed to sell my books in the book shops. It is really bad, right? The situation in Malaysia is really really bad as they will try to block us and want us to fail at every step.  If you are Russian or European I am giving you a warning of the future to come in Russia and Europe. Worst still, whichever country the Chinese migrate to, they will carry out this foreign devil policy, it’s their culture and in their blood.

    In fact from my observations, since 2010 they have become very racial. From 2011 onwards they refused to sell or purchase any property through non-Chinese real estate agents. And they will not buy any property owned by non-Chinese. Worst still the all Chinese property developers sell the newly built properties to Chinese only. The situation is getting so bad that I fear the time is coming when we non-Chinese will not be allowed to live in Klang Valley and have to commute to work from outside. I know because I was a real estate agent and saw firsthand what was happening. With the new MIEA regulations they, the Chinese Real Estate Principals, will not allow the non-Chinese to do real estate in Klang Valley. The situation is getting really bad for the non-Chinese agents in Malaysia.

    Is there a solution for the non-Chinese in South East Asia?

    What is China’s plan?

    China wants to rule all of South East Asia but they may not be able to achieve military occupation. I believe they will use the local Chinese population to rule South East Asia. Not through political control but through economic control, making life even more difficult for the non-Chinese in South East Asia.

    China is undertaking a multipronged silent war on smaller nations and small non-Chinese businesses. China hacked both my blogs in late 2012 to early 2013 and as a result, I stopped blogging for 1 year and 3 months.

    As I kept investigating and analyzing what China had done, I came to some very serious conclusions. We are all aware of the hacking carried out by the Chinese military last year. They attacked major corporations in South East Asia, Russia and Europe. They attacked many of the banks in Malaysia.

    There are two reasons for this. Firstly, they are checking how vulnerable the free market systems are and how to completely shut them down during a military war. It’s something they have been planning for a very long time. This is an easy conclusion to arrive at because we examine their operations and work backwards to determine a plausible motive for such activity.

    The second more sinister reason is that they are trying to shut down all international e-commerce. As more and more commerce moves into the World Wide Web, being able to shut down all international e-commerce operating outside China ensures that everyone has to come to China to purchase goods and services. When they attack your e-commerce operation your business will collapse and fail. When this happens Chinese companies can move in to take your place. I will explain to you what they did to my sites or rather what I think they did to my sites.

    I suspect that China pirated both my sites, yes whole websites pirated and copied across. I can’t prove it but when I blocked 1400 ranges of China IP address, which is about 716,800 to 357,000,000 individual IP addresses, they viciously attacked my sites through proxies in France and Germany. For a 6 hour period my CPU usage shot up to 25%. The maximum allowed by my hosting provider is 4.5%. That shows how vicious they were about pirating my sites. That means that the Chinese military considered it extremely important for the Chinese to learn something from my sites.

    When I checked my website visitor statistics I noticed that there was very little bandwidth going to China. After many months of pondering I put two and two together I realized that China was using a proxy to show my sites within China. And there is a very good reason for this. When your site is shown through a proxy it is very easy to reroute all the sales orders to pirate companies in China. Hey! I have figured it out, too.  It would probably take me 10 minutes to reroute all advertisements, purchase orders, contact forms, and payments, to third parties if I could access your site through a proxy server!  Unbelievable but that is what China is doing. You have spent mountains of money doing up your site beautifully and then they come along and pirate it and switch all your advertisements to theirs and all your sales to their company sales so you can watch them earn your money.

    My God, now I know what China had done. All my work is probably pirated in China and they a helping themselves to huge sales through their pirate companies, of everything on both my blogs. And I am not earning a cent from 18 years of research work. You see, I am not Chinese so they do not want me to prosper as only Chinese are allowed to prosper. 

    China’s main secret plan is to destroy all competition by killing of all the smaller business so that Chinese company sales conquer the whole world. Since I figured this out I have been checking on their product pricing and I began to suspect that they are selling goods below their cost to kill off all competition. That is they flood a country with goods priced so low that that country’s factories cease operations. Once all those factories close they bring up the prices to profitable levels and recover their losses.

    They are now fishing in other nations economic zones so that they can deplete other countries of fish and other foods. Your fishermen will go broke and bankrupt and you will end up importing fish from China that was fished in your nation's economic zones.

    One thing you need to understand about the Chinese, having worked under the Chinese in Malaysia for many years, is that you are wrong and they are always right. They don't care for your laws or international laws. Only their law is valid.

    The rest of China’s master plan

    China has been creating friction in South East Asia by claiming territorial rights. They are claiming islands far from China but next to Vietnam, Malaysia and Philippines as their Chinese territories. Please see the picture of the STAR newspaper article that I reproduced here dated 18th May 2014.

    Map of South China Sea Islands disputed by China
    Map of South China Sea Islands disputed by China
    Map of South China Sea Islands disputed by China
    Map of South China Sea Islands disputed by China

    Click here to view a clear copy of the Star news article

    For all the details please read the full STAR Newspaper article

    I do not have to explain much as the Star Newspaper article explains a lot. The red dotted line shows what China is trying to claim even though China is not anywhere near South East Asia. The whole area lies within South East Asia and not in China. Russians do take note that this is what China will do to you guys. Will China invade all of South East Asia now that they have seen what Russia has done to Ukraine?

    Why are they creating so much trouble? The simple answer is that they are testing international law and the international response. If we keep quiet they will walk over and occupy every country they can reach. Sounds familiar right? That’s what the Nazis did before they started World War II.

    The map below shows China’s true plan.

    Map of Russia conquered by China
    Map of Russia conquered by China
    Map of Russia conquered by China
    Map of Russia conquered by China

    This will give China access to vast amounts of raw materials in Russia and the Arctic Circle. They will then be able to control natural gas supply to Europe and dictate terms. Why do they need so much supply of raw materials? The answer lies in the West. China needs those raw materials to export their goods to the West and the rest of the world.

    I am not the one who made this prophecy. The Lord God gave this prophecy to an American Seer and I have held on to this piece of information for the last 40 years. Many of her prophecies have come true even though the timing was not right. The timing was not right because many people having learned of her prophecies went all out to prevent them from occurring hence the delays.  I can tell you now that that is the real reason for the delays as I too have made mathematical based predictions of the stock markets and commodities. When you examine some of my charts and look back at what actually happened you can see the telltale signs of fund managers trying their best to prevent my predictions form coming true. What a waste of funds. Jeane Dixon’s major prophecies have never failed.

    Unless Russia and China have agreed on a plan to invade Jerusalem, the Northern Army in the Bible, I doubt that annexation of Crimea from Ukraine, as a part of Russia will be viable. Nobody is planning to invade Russia through the Black Sea so a navy of ships and submarines there will be of no use. Worst still they will be stuck in the wrong area when China invades and many of the peoples that Russia has offended lately, will keep quiet and watch Russia’s destruction and demise by China.

    Is there a solution for the non-Chinese in South East Asia? Let see where the Chinese weak point is. They do not care for what the Lord God thinks of them nor fear Him and they have no fear of Satan. They are not afraid of weapons or jail. They are not afraid of being kicked and punched or tortured. They are not afraid of breaking the law, any law. They will not follow any law, just like the Muslim terrorist. Furthermore, they will find loop holes and escape by bribing their way out of any situation.  A people like this will kill off any competition or anyone in their path but there is one thing they fear. They fear losing money. They are shit scared of it. They tremble at the thought of losing money.  Fine them.

    - Peter Achutha 18th May 2014

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