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  • 1. Dr. Peters Loan Calculator
    « YouTube is broken
    Money cannot intoxicate but greed can
    - Dr. Peter Achutha, 18 July 2009
    Dr. Peters Loan Calculator »

    How to increase YouTube views and subscribers

    the way the truth and the life

    After being a creator on YouTube since March 2020, I am sure the problems with YouTube AI Algorithm is because it is broken and is not working properly. I wrote about this very serious problem at YouTube is broken. If you have not read this article please read it first before you continue with this article because then you will understand why I developed this alternative approach on how to get more Youtube views and subscribers.

    Youtube algorithm is flawed

    I found many flaws in the YouTube Algorithm in 2021. The latest version of this AI algorithm has gone mad as it was searching for meaningless keywords that are nonsensical and unrelated to the topic in the YouTube video. This causes your videos not to be viewed or have extremely short viewer durations as viewers are turned off by what they are not interested in and what they didn't want to see. Youtube algorithm than downgrades your video as uninteresting and irrelevant. This is the main problem with AI as it can go cuckoo and run riot demolishing all good works. Why is it that YouTube promotes an AI program to control what you see instead of using mathematical models and logic to guide the viewers as to what could be interesting for them? Is it because they are trying to promote videos that match their advertiser's requirements and discard the rest of the videos as unimportant? Shouldn't they be promoting those videos that are intersting to watch, are helpful and necessary for viewers rather then promoting what the advertisers want?

    How to break the YouTube AI Algorithm

    I figured out how to break the AI Algorithm when I found out that YouTube was not showing my video on stopping frequent night urination. During the first month, or there about, of publishing this video YouTube managed to get about 60 views but WhatsApp brought in 15000 views for this video. That is Whatsapp was bring in 250 times more views than YouTube. It clearly showed that people were very intereseted in the topic but some how the YouTube algorithm did not catch on to what real people were interested in watching. Even though the views were coming in, the AI algorithm could not comprehend the large size of the audience this video was gaining without YouTube's help. The YouTube algorithm failed miserably. Really, what was the algorithm programmed to do if it could not recognise the public interest generated from this video?

    Don't the YouTube bosses know that I created that video, I invested time and money into making the video, I ran the experiments and found a miracle cure for frequent night urination. Did YouTube fund my research and development? No. Don't you think I should have been paid for the advertisments run on my video, todate there are more than 30000 views but YouTube didn't bring in any of them. All YouTube did was to sit on their laurels and grab all the advertising money.

    That was when I figured that the faulty algorithm had shown another way to increase YouTube views and to get more subscribers. You got it?

    All you needed to do was to set up a website with articles about the topics on your YouTube videos. The search engines will than promote your website and show your videos to a lot more people. This means you are not dependant on an erroneous YouTube algorithm. That is what I did by starting a new website listing interesting topics at qwertyvideos.com. You can see, at that website, that I worte short articles with related SEO based keywords to rank highly so that more viewers will know about my videos without requiring the YouTube AI algorithm to bring viewers to my videos. The best thing about this alternative website is that I don't need to upload my videos to YouTube. I can upload my videos to other video hosting platforms like VIMEO, Dailymotion, WordPress's JetPack, Facebook, Spotlightr, Wistia and many alternative video hosting platforms.

    Website firewall security to block hackers

    You know, when I setup up this new website to show my videos within hours lots of hackers visited my site and tried to hack it. I had not told anyone about my new website. From this I deduce it was either the hosting company or their outsourced tech support who had informed the hackers about my new website. On the first day even Google and Microsoft did not know about my site but within a few days both Google and Microsoft tried to hack my sites too - they weren't intereseted in sending their search engine bots to my website to check what articles were there. Google tried to hack my webiste from the USA and when they found that they could not hack my site they transferred the hacking job to Singapore. Google Singapore too failed to hack my website. Can you just imagine that, that the people whom we trusted are stabbing us in the back too. Why do they have to be evil and cheat the innocent. Why don't they pay me US$100M so that they can take over my own proprietary firewall security technology instead of trying to pirate it? Such shamefull behaviour from billion dollar corporations against a sole proprietor running his business and studio from his bedroom. Some of these mega corporation have been hacking my sites since 2011 and they have even tried DDOS and DOS attacks and failed. Why do you guys want to trust them?

    There is something wrong with these mega corporations. Look at how they try to hack my websites and yet they don't know that YouTube can be hacked in minutes and collapse. I was going to make a police report to the FBI about a scammer on YouTube but YouTube has removed all evidence of the scammer. Was it an inside job? You know I have an analogy that I find very explanatory. Its very similar to Peter's Principle. I wonder how many of you know about Peter's Principle? A similar analogy is about boiling pork bones to make a soup or stock. As you boil the bones to develop delicious stock, the scum rises to the top. That is what has happened in many quarters, especially in Malaysia. People run out of ideas and need to pirate other people's work because they have arrived at the point where they can no longer perform well. When that happens their true nature is revealed. This is the reason the Lord gave us the Ten Commandments so that we will be truthful, merciful and kind. Unfortunately, no one follows the commandments of the Lord God and each goes his own way. This is the reason proposals, projects and work to prevent climate change will fail. They fail not because of the lack of expertise or knowledge but because we have disobeyed the Lord God. Who worships the Lord God and Jesus Christ anymore? Who obeys their commandments anymore? Each one thinks they are smarter than the Lord God or the Lord God is not watching them so they will meet their downfall soon.

    Hacker bots who attacked my qwertyvideos.com website

    Just let me show you a glimpse of the hacker bots attacking my video website, the IP location address is provided by iplocation.net and the locations are listed below:-

    CountryDate & TimeIP Address
    Singaporean & Indonesian Hackers2021/10/28 Thu 15:16:33139.99.61.17133OVH Singapore PTE. LTD
    Indonesian Hackers2021/10/28 Thu 05:26:21125.164.235.23133PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia
    USA Hackers2021/10/28 Thu 18:08:1672.13.46.633VeriSign Infrastructure & Operations
    USA Hackers2021/10/28 Thu 18:45:4969.63.184.5facebook.com
    USA Hackers2021/10/28 Thu 12:00:0720.107.222.222Microsoft
    USA Hackers2021/10/28 Thu 07:11:54157.55.39.92Microsoft
    USA Hackers2021/10/28 Thu 09:02:52206.189.182.170DigitalOcean, LLC
    USA Hackers2021/10/28 Thu 19:02:3552.226.64.164Microsoft
    USA Hackers2021/10/28 Thu 20:20:0713.78.230.92Microsoft
    German Hackers2021/10/28 Thu 12:37:33168.119.176.147Hetzner Online GmbH
    German Hackers2021/10/28 Thu 12:37:33168.119.176.147Hetzner Online GmbH
    German Hackers2021/10/28 Thu 12:37:33168.119.176.147Hetzner Online GmbH
    Singapore Hackers2021/10/31 Sun 00:08:53209.97.161.202DigitalOcean, LLC
    Singapore Hackers2021/10/31 Sun 00:08:53209.97.161.202DigitalOcean, LLC
    Singapore Hackers2021/10/31 Sun 00:08:53209.97.161.202DigitalOcean, LLC
    Australia Hackers2021/10/31 Sun 01:57:41
    Australia Hackers2021/10/31 Sun 01:57:41
    Australia Hackers2021/10/31 Sun 01:57:41
    Hong Kong Hackers2021/10/31 Sun 04:38:44123.58.210.104UCLOUD INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (HK) LIMITED
    Hong Kong Hackers2021/10/31 Sun 04:38:44123.58.210.104UCLOUD INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (HK) LIMITED
    Hong Kong Hackers2021/10/31 Sun 04:38:44123.58.210.104UCLOUD INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (HK) LIMITED
    Hong Kong Hackers2021/10/31 Sun 04:41:29123.58.210.104UCLOUD INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (HK) LIMITED
    Netherlands Hackers2021/10/29 Fri 19:36:17213.152.161.170AirVPN.org
    Netherlands Hackers2021/10/29 Fri 19:36:17213.152.161.170AirVPN.org
    Netherlands Hackers2021/10/29 Fri 19:36:17213.152.161.170AirVPN.org
    USA Hackers2021/10/30 Sat 19:57:0466.249.69.88Google LLC
    USA Hackers2021/10/31 Sun 18:37:1766.249.69.86Google LLC
    USA Hackers2021/11/01 Mon 06:54:0466.249.69.88Google LLC
    USA Hackers2021/11/02 Tue 06:13:2466.249.69.84Google LLC
    USA Hackers2021/11/05 Fri 00:47:09 LLC
    Belgium Hackers2021/11/18 Thu 11:26:3634.78.178.103Google LLC
    Singapore Hackers2021/11/18 Thu 09:29:1834.124.156.167Google LLC
    Singapore Hackers2021/11/18 Thu 09:29:1834.124.156.167Google LLC
    Singapore Hackers2021/11/18 Thu 09:29:1834.124.156.167Google LLC
    Singapore Hackers2021/11/18 Thu 09:29:1634.124.156.167Google LLC
    Singapore Hackers2021/11/18 Thu 09:29:1634.124.156.167Google LLC
    Singapore Hackers2021/11/18 Thu 09:29:1534.124.156.167Google LLC
    USA Hackers2021/11/17 Wed 08:47:39 LLC
    Sweden Hackers2021/11/16 Tue 17:39:17130.255.166.146Internet Vikings International AB
    Sweden Hackers2021/11/16 Tue 17:39:1634.124.156.167Internet Vikings International AB

    There are many more hackers visiting my websites everyday. On some days 80% of my visitors are hackers and on other days it can drop to about 30% of my visitors. Thank you Lord for helping me develop such a powerful firewall to protect my websites.

    Now that I have shown you how to get more visitors and subscribers for your videos do implement this approach as it will make you more independent of the YouTube AI algorithm's crankyness and bad rankings. When you have a lot of visitors coming to watch your videos you can use affiliate marketing to generate good income.

    - Dr. Peter Achutha, 18th November 2021

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