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    « President Trump a potential cure for Covid-19 virus
    Seek the truth and the truth will set you free. Tell the truth and the truth will set others free.
    - Dr. Peter Achutha, September 2009
    President Trump the corona virus and relief from neuropathy nerve pain »

    A potential cure for Covid-19 disease by the corona virus

    the corona virus

    A potential cure for Covid-19

    My dad was a medical doctor, the state Radiologist, and I learnt about washing hands from him. He was a diabetic and some days he would ask me to inject insulin for him as his skin had become thick as hide and the syringe needle would buckle instead of penetrating the skin.

    When I was diagnosed with diabetes in November or December 2016 I began recording my blood sugar levels every day. I experimented with different herbs to bring down my blood sugar levels without exercising as this was the situation that most elderly people face - the inability to exercise.

    Actually, I was searching for relief from diabetes or a cure for diabetes as I could not have chocolates or cholate cakes or other deserts. After all those years of refraining from sugars, deserts, ice creams and chocolates diabetes got the better of me. What was the point of all that restraint if in the end I too became a diabetic?

    Diabetes was well known for centuries

    The symptoms of diabetes were known for more than 3500 years. The Indians have classified 28 types of diabetes in Ayurvedic medicine. Western medicine has only 2 types of diabetes, namely Type 1 and Type 2. Western Medicine discovered the cause of diabetes in the late 19th century.

    I quote medical news today:- "In 1910, Sir Edward Albert Sharpey-Schafer proposed that diabetes developed when there was a lack of a particular chemical that the pancreas produced. He called it insulin, meaning island, because the cells in the islets of Langerhans in the pancreas produce it. In 1921, Frederick Banting and Charles Best introduced an extract of pancreatic islet cells from healthy dogs into dogs with diabetes. Doing this reversed diabetes and marked the discovery of the hormone insulin. They worked with two other scientists to purify insulin that they took from the pancreas of cows and produce the first treatment for diabetes. In January 1922, 14-year-old Leonard Thompson was the first person to receive an injection of insulin to treat diabetes. Thompson lived another 13 years with the condition and eventually died of pneumonia."

    And then Western Medicine stopped working. The pharmaceutical companies only wanted to make big money selling insulin and diabetic tablets. No one has found a cure for diabetes. Why? Because there is no money in it or rather there wouldn't be anyone left with diabetes who would need insulin. I am right aren't I? Is it really that difficult to cure diabetes?

    A wide range of T-shirts for men and women. Fitted Cotton/Poly, Unisex, Hoodie . . . Now include Tote Bags, Mugs and Stickers. A wide range of T-shirts for men and women. Fitted Cotton/Poly, Unisex, Hoodie . . . Now include Tote Bags, Mugs and Stickers.

    My research into diabetes

    From December 2016 I have been experimenting with different herbs and diets to find a cure for diabetes. I would measure my blood sugar levels every half hour to see how it changes.

    If I remember correctly, the chart below, shows difference in blood sugar after I began to take 2 neem tablets and about 20 sugar preserved cherries that were washed of all the sugar every day. Cherry extract tablets are prohibitively expensive.

    Rise and fall of blood sugar level after easting Chocolate Tuxedo Truffle

    Below is my blood sugar level from 6th December 2016 to 15th April 2017

    my blood sugar level trend 2017

    My doctor gave me Gliclazide tablets and I was taking herbs too. When I stopped taking the herbs my blood sugar levels began to rise very slowly until it hit around 11 mmols/L or 198 mg/dL.

    A Gold Sandard for testing

    I began to use Starbugs Chocolate Tuxedo Truffle as a standard dose of sugar to check my blood sugar rise and fall. In this test I found that the combination of neem and cherries really prevented my blood sugar levels from rising too high - blue curve. I lost the original chart where I had the explanation (hardisk corrupted?).

    my blood sugar level trend with and without neem and cherries

    Testing blood sugar rise and fall. February 4th 2017, I recorded that "Last night did not take the digestive enzymes for dinner. Today taking Liqua Health and digestive enzymes to flush sugar out of tissues into blood. Except for 3 small slices of bread and two garlic cloves and coconut milk to boost metabolism no starch today as I want to have some chocolate cake to boost insulin."

    I noticed that if I had a cup of coffee in the morning it would trigger the insulin production and the next day's blood sugar level would be lower than if I abstained from any sugars.

    my blood sugar level rise and fall after eating a chocolate cake

    On March 27th 2017 I recorded that "Had yesterday the juice of 2 lemons in the morning & 1 lemon tablet in morning and night. Yesterday had 2x Gliclazide. Last night had L-Carnitine and alpha lipoic acid as nerve pain was developing. 2x Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, 6xchlorella, the cheaper black seed oil need to take 2 desert spoons 3 times a day. no glucosamine. 1 cup of PJ Old Town Santan. 1x300mg 'millisprin 2 times per day, at night had 2x300mg. Have not taken stemecells since 13th Feb 2016. Yesterday had 5 tablets of neem morning and night. Morning FBS 6.2 but at 13:30 just before lunch was 4.3. Higher FBS probably due to no black seed oil at night - the cheaper version. This morning took 2 desert spoons of black seed oil. Today took 1 lemon tablet in morning."

    At this point I was taking 10 tablets of Asprin a day not only to test for relief from neuropathy but to check if my blood sugar would come down. My doctor said I was mad when he found out that I was taking 10 Asprin tablets per day. Nothing happened to me with such a high dosage of Asprin.

    I was suffering from a bad case of neuropathy. That was the reason, in the first place, that made me see the doctor in 2016. I had unbearable pain in my feet and lower part of my legs and it was very painful to walk.

    Some of my blood sugar charts

    The chart below shows the difference bewtween eating a block of cheese and shredded cheese after drinking a cup of sweet coffee. Shredded cheese, eg on pizza, is worse for diabetics and is probably caused by high amount of sugars and potatoes used as fillers.

    my blood sugar level rise and fall with block of cheese  and shredded cheese

    The chart below shows the rise and fall of my blood sugar levels after eating shredded cheese or after eating boiled eggs. Shredded cheese was bad for my blood sugar levels.

    my blood sugar level rise and fall after eating shredded cheese or boiled eggs

    The chart below shows the rise and fall of my blood sugar levels after drinking a sweet black cofffee and after dringking a sweet coffee using santan (coconut milk) as a substitute for milk.

    my blood sugar level rise and fall between a sweet black coffee and coffee with santan

    This chart below is a clear indication that rice causes higher blood sugars levels that last longer than potatoes. So it is better for diabetics to eat potatoes than rice.

    my blood sugar level rise and fall between eating rice and potatoes

    This chart below shows how my blood sugar rose and fell after taking a sweet coffee in the early days of my diabetes.

    my blood sugar level rise and fall after eating one slice of chocolate cake

    This chart below shows how my blood sugar level exhibited the 2 days down and 1 day up blood sugar cycle. I noticed many foods can supress the blood sugar levels down for 2 days after that it rises back to the diabetic condition. I noticed that certain antibiotics have this similar reaction to my blood sugar levels.

    my blood sugar 2+1 day cycle

    Is Neuropathy curable?

    Let me explain what neuropathy is. It is nerve damage that begins at the outer limbs and progresses towards the body. A person suffers unbearable pain due to the nerve damage. About 20% of diabetic patients suffer from neuropathy. Western medicine has given up on finding a cure for neuropathy because it is impossible for them. They prescribe anti-depressants for neuropathy patients.

    Relief from neuropathy

    It was due to neuropathy that the doctor checked my blood sugar levels and put me on diabetic tablets. Unfortunately, he avoided providing any pain killers for neuropathy. I was suffering severe pain every day. This much I can tell you. After much analysis and experiments I have discovered some foods that can provide relief for neuropathy. Some bring about relief within 4 hours of consumption. When I began consuming those types of foods I could walk for 5 to 10 minutes at a time and could even go shopping. Before that I could not leave my house.

    I will publish the foods that can provide relief from neuropathy later once I find my old documents and videos.

    In the end, one day while attending church Dr. Paul Dhinakaran prayed over me and our Lord Jesus Christ cured me of neuropathy. I am free now, walking everywhere without any pain. Thank you my Lord Jesus Christ.

    Black Seed Oil, Celery and Vitamin B's

    The other thing I noticed was that my urine turned bright yellow whenever I took some vitamin B pills. I had always wondered what caused it. During my childhood days my dad used to tell me that it was the vitamin B that colored the urine bright yellow. That meant that the vitamin B was absorbed within the body into the blood circulatory system and then flushed out by the kidneys. Waste of money wasn't it?

    Actually I found those special vitamin B (12?) tablets and the much touted chromium a complete waste of money as they had no effect on me. That was the reason I began trying out Black Seed Oil (Nigella sativa).

    The next day, after taking a spoon of black seed oil, I noticed that my urine was transparent and not bright yellow. For me that was the tell tale sign that Black Seed Oil helps in the utilization of vitamin B's. Black seed oil enabled all the vitamin B's in the Vitami B complex tablet to be used up in the body and not flushed out in the urine. Amazing discovery wasn't it?

    Then when my mom cooked celery my urine turned back to bright yellow even though I was taking black seed oil. I tested it with and without celery and with and without black seed oil. It was then that I realized that celery blocks the utilization of Vitamin B's. Now my mom never uses celery in her cooking.

    The Western diet predominately uses celery in their diets. Mirepoix, onions, celery & carrots, is the basis of many Western dishes. Is that the reason as to why the Italians and the French have been badly hit by the corona virus?

    An important video about vaccinations and cures

    When I made this video a few days ago I was worried that YouTube might block this video so I added the last section on slicing pineapples so that it would not be a video on the corona virus alone.

    Did the Western system of medicine find a cure for SARS, H1N1, H1N2, H5N1 (Bird flu or avian influenza). Could they come up with a vaccine in time? Quoting Wikipedia:- "In the 20th century, three influenza pandemics occurred: Spanish influenza in 1918 (17-100 million deaths), Asian influenza in 1957 (two million deaths), and Hong Kong influenza in 1968 (one million deaths)."

    if you can't see the video above please view here

    A potential cure for the corona virus

    Why did I relate my blood sugar history above? It was to show you that even though I am not medically technical and do not have any knowledge of biochemistry I can still carry out experiments on myself and come to some reasonable conclusions and remedies.

    Firstly, let me fall back on a concept of foundational theory. Without a fundamental working theory it may take us centuries or even millenniums to discover cures and advances. From my experience in the Rubber Industry carrying out rubber compounding among other things, I can assure that without a working theory, development of solutions and manufacture of marketable products is nearly impossible.

    Having said that let me fall back on Dr. Mary Enig. She explained a lot of research work on the value and efficacy of virgin coconut oil as a remedy for certain types of viruses. I have shown how to make coconut oil from santan (coconut milk) on my blog which was written in March 2011. If you cannot get Virgin Coconut Oil, coconut oil will do too because the important ingredient in coconut oil is lauric acid, a fatty acid.

    Dr. Mary Enig's Explanation

    This is what Dr. Enig explained. Influenza, cold, flu viruses have a lipid cell wall or lining. At the point of reproduction the virus divides into two viruses. As it does so it catches lipid molecules floating in the tissue in its vicinity and builds its lipid cell walls. As a result it replicates itself rapidly and the infected person shows bad symptoms of the disease and suffers.

    John Hopkins University has confirmed that the corona virus has a lipid cell wall. That means coconut oil can be used as a cure for Covid-19 disease.

    Dr. Enig explained that in the presence of coconut oil the viruses grab the coconut oil lipids, mainly lauric acid molecules to build their cell walls as they reproduce. Later the lauric acid molecules drops off from the lipid cell wall and a hole is formed in the cell wall. This leads to rupture of the cell wall and the virus dies. She explains that there is no genetic mutation that can prevent this rupture. Furthermore this works on all viruses that need lipids to build their cell walls.

    This was the reason I could not catch a cold for 4 years. Even today if I think I am going to catch a cold I take a spoon of coconut oil at night and by next morning the cold is gone. Furthermore, I had shaky hands and over the last two weeks I began to take coconut oil again after many years. The shakiness has reduced alot.

    Related Research Publications (added 7th April 2020)

    Just to inform you, I was told that the FDA would not approve of my press release unless I quoted some references from government websites. I have tried my best to comply with a list below of governmental & non governmental websites. Items number 2, 3 & 5 are governmental websites. It looks like Ghana and Philippines, poor thrid world countries, are on a fast track to develop a cure and America is about 20 years behind. Thank you FDA. Let me inform you that Dr. Mary Enig has been dead since 2014 and no one has a cure for covid-19 or any other similar virus.

    1. Ateneo de Manila UniversityQuote " Conclusion: Several in vitro, animal, and human studies support the potential of coconut oil, lauric acid and its derivatives as effective and safe agents against a virus like nCoV-2019. Mechanistic studies on other viruses show that at least three mechanisms may be operating."
    2. Ghana Medical Journal. Quote "DebMandal and Mandal10 further report, that coconut oil is very effective against a variety of lipid-coated viruses such as visna virus, CMV, Epstein-Barr virus, influenza virus, leukemia virus, pneumo virus and hepatitis C virus. The MCFA in coconut oil primarily destroys these organisms by disrupting their membranes, thus interfering with virus assembly and maturation. Control of infections is crucial on the health agenda of many developing countries in West Africa, and the use of coconut oil could serve as a cheaper alternative means of controlling infections."
    3. US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health
    4. CNN Philippines
    5. National Institutes of Health U.S. National Library of Medicine
    6. Gulf News
    7. Philippines Coconut Authority
    8. Journal of Reseaarch in Health Science
    9. Natural Medicine Journal
    10. MSN
    11. CBN
    12. Indian Coconut Journal
    13. Inquirer.net


    If you know anyone who has caught the corona virus or you yourself live close by to anyone who has the covid-19 diseases do try taking Virgin Coconut Oil every day. Try a table spoon three times a day to build up the lauric acid lipid content in your body so that the corona virus can be destroyed. If your doctor laughs let him pay for it when he catches covid-19 himself. Remember Virgin Coconut Oil or Coconut Oil is not a medical drug but a food.

    Most importantly protect yourself, now, today. Don't wait for the doctors to advice you on coconut oil or you will wait until hell to freezes over because they don't know anything about coconut oil.

    - Dr. Peter Achutha, 4 April 2020

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    2. alternative cures.

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