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    « Is the China Virus an American Virus?
    Open the Book of Knowledge and become one with the Wisdom of the Ancients.
    - Dr. Peter Achutha, September 2012
    Telecommunications companies billing flaws, bandwidth and other problems »

    President Trump what has happened to America?

    The Way the truth and the life

    Many years ago, in 2007, the Lord asked me to pray for Senator Bernie Sanders to be elected the President of the United States. Unfortunately, Barrack Obama was elected the President of the United States. The work, the Lord wanted done in the USA has not been accomplished yet.

    Then in mid-August 2020 as I was praying to the Lord as to how the Anti-Christ and Islam were taking over the West, the Lord told me this. "I will always love him". I didn't understand what the Lord meant until the election results were out. The Lord was saying that he would always love you meaning that you would lose the election and the 2020 election results showed that.

    The whole world is going awry as people turn to greed and money and not to the Lord God. I have written many articles of how mega corporations are taking over the world and how many business leaders of these corporations are lying and cheating and committing fraud. Even the politicians cannot be stopped and are above the law. They have suppressed freedom of speech, too.

    driver support transactions

    I am only His servant. I say what He told me to say. I write what He asks me to write. I have written to both of you, President Trump and President Barrack Obama, to allow the teaching of the Ten Commandments in schools so that the next generation of Americans will obey the Lord our God but both of you could not implement anything. The Law given by Moses is very important. Obedience to the Law brings prosperity to the nation too but how many in America follow the Law? Unfortunately America has turned away from the Lord God. They don't want Him anymore. They ridicule His laws and ridicule those who follow Him. Is it too late for the current generation? Is it too late for America or Europe? Latin America is devastated by false teachings and false doctrines. Is it already too late for Latin America?

    I used the Distribution of Wealth curve to show who will vote for you or any other President or Prime Minister. Since there is a one man one vote system, the majority of the population will determine the next president. It is not the rich or the corporate owners who are a minority. It is of no use helping the rich as they don't need any form of assistance. They can afford any amount of medical bills, they can afford luxurious homes and vacations in far, far away lands. They can afford maids and butlers and what else. So why do you cater for the rich. Don't you think that the majority of the population consists of the wage earners, low income earners, commission earners, small businesses, the poor, the homeless, the handicap, the sick, the fatherless, the widows, the pensioners, the old age ,.

    I believe that the Lord let you see the consequence of your decisions towards the American people. The Holy Bible is very clear. We are to look after the fatherless, the sick, the widows, the orphans, the homeless, the poor but you went against the Bible by claiming Socialism is bad. When you went against the Word of God in the Old and New Testament there was nothing the Lord could do to help you be re-elected as President of the United States.

    The Healthcare system

    President Barrack Obama managed to push through a healthcare system for almost everyone but it was greatly flawed. It had a major flaw in that a portion of the pie was cut out as fodder for the super-rich insurance companies. So instead of money going to buy medicine and medical services it went to fill insurance company coffers. Worst still after President Barrack Obama's healthcare act took effect medicine prices sky rocketed out of proportion to their cost. That was not a true healthcare system.

    It was good that you dismantled a lot of the heathcare system but you did not replace it with a better system. Isn't four years in office plenty of time for your staff to work on an improved healthcare system? If you had implemented a better healthcare system, today the covid-19 crisis may not be such a financial burden on the general public, right?

    If you had a proper healthcare system then you can control the price of medicine and cost of services as a bulk consumer of such services, right? Why didn't you do that?

    Black Lives Matter

    When the Black Lives Matter issue was raised you sided the police force. Didn't you care that the police were 2866 times more likely to kill blacks than whites? Didn't you question them as to why this was happening? The blacks consisted of about 20% to 25% of the American population and almost all of them are in the bottom area of my chart, the Distribution of Wealth Curve, shown above. Do you think any of them would have voted for you?

    Helping the rich

    You helped all the rich. You brought down their taxes and even the mega corporations benefited. Which of them helped you in return? What did you do for the poor? Did you increase their dole money? Your opinionated experts mixed poverty with laziness and blamed the poor as lazy people. I had warned you that that would lead to bad or misguided policies helping the rich get richer.

    I tell you a true story that happened in Malaysia. The Muslim government didn't care for the poor & uneducated Indians. They gave scholarships and entrance to local universities for Muslim who had very low grades and sent 100,000's of Muslims to overseas universities, every year, to get their degrees. They didn't care for the non-Muslims. Now many poor Indians have no income and no future. Most of us worked very hard and struggled on our own. Many Malaysian Indians were not given citizenship even though they were born in Malaysia after Independence. But the Muslim government has brought over a million Muslims from Philippines and Indonesia and given them citizenship in Malaysia. So what do you think these poor Indians do? They have become gangsters and thugs and use swords to chop people and rob many (guns are forbidden in Malaysia). When you don't look after your own country that is what happens. These poor live in desperation and desperation drives them to do terrible things. Can we blame them? Can we blame them while the powerful politicians are plundering the country of all its wealth?

    If all children were taught the Ten Commandments in school would the underprivileged be so hostile? What did you do for the American natives?


    Remember the yesteryears when United States of America propped up dictators in Latin America? Remember how bad the lives of Latin Americans were? It is partly America's fault that Latin Americans suffered in poverty while rich corporations control the economies of Latin America and kept the population poor. The Lord God's judgement is always there, it is inescapable. Now they come to America in droves, with their gangs and criminals and murderers, right? Many of them are good hardworking honest people who have no future back home but the crooked are among them too. Isn't it true, an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth? Events come one circle back to those who did good or evil. Reap the rewards whether joyful or painful.


    When the rich corporations blocked the discussion of a cure for Covid-19 nothing was done to them even though they were blocking freedom of speech. How do you think inventions materialize? It is by discussion that new technologies are proposed and examined and not by suppression. Did you do anything to stop the suppression of the development of a cure? The Lord God gave you the coronavirus and yet you pushed for a vaccine that profited mega corporations because vaccines 'cure' the healthy and thereby enrich the big rich pharmaceutical companies, and not the sick, right? You wanted to Make America Great Again but in the end no American came out with a vaccine. It was the Europeans, Chinese and the Russians. This is what happens when you suppress freedom of speech. A good indicator would be that there will be less and less Nobel Laureates coming out of America in the future.

    Great World Leader

    I think you are one of the greatest world learders of our modern times. You have made Jerusalem the capital of Israel. Single handedly you have taken on China and stopped or reduced their piracy, immitation and spying of non Chinese goods, merchandise and proprietary technology. No previous President or Prime Minister had the guts to take on China. I admire your long range thinking.

    Now we wait for what the courts decide as to whether you will have a second term in office or whether President Elect Joe Biden will be the next President.

    I do hope future Presidents don't turn away from our Lord Jesus Christ and the Bible.

    What has happened to America?

    - Dr. Peter Achutha, 28th December 2020

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