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  • 1. Dr. Peters Loan Calculator
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    When Gold moves Cash is not King.
    - Dr. Peter Achutha, September 2011
    Making sound investment decisions »

    How to predict market trends, predict gold trends, predict stock, shares and commodities

    A need to predict market trends

    How do you make money if you cannot predict market trends? It is like drive your car with your eyes blind folded. Why do we invest or speculate on stocks, share and commodities like gold and silver? It is because it appears to be an easy way of making money. Are you making money from your investments or are some winning big time and are others a complete write off ? Net loss and not a net gain?

    Do your friends know how to predict market trends?

    You watch friends driving in Mercedes and BMW's or that Porsche and wonder where they got the money. You don't want to be left out. You don't want to be the one that didn't make it.Then you find out that they started with $100 worth of shares and hit the big time and you to want to make it big too, like them. Enough of that day job, that office job sitting at your table doing reports, taking care of customers and just about making your boss rich. Isn't that what you were thinking? All of us at one time or another missed that opportunity because we failed to predict market trends. Worst still if we had not believed what others were saying and missed that opportunity of a lifetime and lived to regret it.

    Don't delay any further

    Don't wait any longer. If you are serious about trying to earn money from stock and commodity investments and speculations you need to understand the how the world works, the basics of market movements. You need to learn how to predict market trends so that you can see where you are going. You need to know how to time your investments, after all you can't buy shares right now and sell it right now, instantly, to make big profits? There is always a time delay between you buying shares and selling them, right? Hence timing the markets is very important and that means you must be able to see in to the future and predict market trends, at least approximately to know where you are heading. Then you will know when a share or commodity price is good for buying and when it is good for selling.

    How do people make money?

    Have you bought anything from any shop. Ever wondered how they are making money? It is an open secret how shopkeepers make money. It may be you dentist, your doctor, your car salesman, your insurance broker, your grocery store but all of them know the secret. The secret to success, the secret to making money.

    What is that secret?

    The secret is very simple and you will ask yourself why didn't you use that method on stocks and commodities. The secret is to buy when the price is low and sell when the price is high. That is what every businessman does - he buys at a lower price from his supplier and sells at a higher price to his customers. The difference between his buying price and his selling price covers his cost and gives him a tidy profit. Simple, isn't it? It is truly an open secret, isn't it.

    How come you are not using this secret?

    I tell you why you are not using this secret. It is because you do not know when the price is low and when the price is high. Worst still no one can tell you. Isn't that right? You cannot predict market trends. Everyone you ask is in the same boat because no one has discovered the fundamental reasons why markets move in the first place. I have found it. I have discovered the truth and now I can reveal the truth to you. With this truth you can forecast or predict market movement months, if not years, into the future. It's wonderful to be able to see into the future, predicting trends, commodity trends and share price trends.

    This is a 4 month training course and provide you with the license to predict market trends

    Yes, you read that correctly. We are the only one who is willing to teach you how to predict the market trends. We provide you with 4 months of help to understand our techniques and help you predict trends. We will guide you and help you make up to 4 prediction charts per month for 4 months.

    This course includes a one time license fee to use this technology to make predictions. That is great isn't it. You don't have to pay every month or every year, forever. You make a one time payment to obtain a license to use our proprietary technology to predict market trends such as stock markets, commodity markets, .... the most advanced technology to predict market trends, stocks, shares and commodities.

    What do you need to predict? Do you need to predict market trends for gold or silver or palm oil or some shares or stocks or composite index?

    predict market trends book

    The chart shown on the cover was not updated since Oct 2009

    An Alternative Theory of Economics?

    The author has spent more than 18 years putting the pieces together for an alternative theory of economics in order to predict market trends. He has presented many models and developed unique models of markets and consumer behavior with lots of explanation. The first few chapters of the book is to introduce to the reader several interesting and powerful concepts which, hopefully, the reader will use intuitively to analyse and predict market trends. For example, the book introduces Group Probability Theory which tries to explains how crowds behave and why shopping complexes have better sales even though there are many competitors located within close proximity of each other. One of the fundamental models introduced is the ‘Distribution of Wealth’ which is an alternative approach to ‘Supply and Demand’.

    He has shown that a bull run and hyperinflation are the same phenomena and occurring in different markets. Furthermore hyperinflation is a different phenomena from inflation. The work covers consumer markets, stock markets, commodity markets … etc.

    Techniques to predict market trends

    In the later chapters he shows how to use these concepts in easy to use Excel Spread Sheets for charting purposes to predict market trends. He provides many examples on how to predict market trends for stocks, shares and commodity with real data and predictions up to a few years into the future. Charts of Gold trends, Silver trends, Wheat trends, Soya Bean trends, Rice trends, Sugar trends, …. are included with their Excel Worksheets in the attached DVD. If you are experienced in charting or technical analysis, it is possible for you to create you own predictive charts within 10 minutes for each commodity or stock movement.

    Many governments around the world are using his research work, theories and advice. He invented the concept of the ‘Real Economy’ during the 1998 Asian Currency Crisis.

    Some of the techniques explained here are proprietary and require a small additional fee before they can be used for commercial purposes.
    Content: Economics - Alternative Economics to predict market trends?

    License Agreement & Terms & Conditions

    No part of this publication, including the DVD, may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the publisher. Original edition printed in Malaysia.

    You have agreed that you have obtained a license to use the author's works with one book & DVD for one person. You have agreed that the theories, methodologies and techniques described in Chapters 14.61 to end of chapter 14 and all of chapter 15, the proprietary sections of the book, are proprietary and are to remain private and confidential. This proprietary section cannot be used for educational purposes, included in software applications or reproduced elsewhere without the written consent of the author.

    The theories, methodologies and techniques and the author’s proprietary works, mentioned in this book are in various stages of development and may or may not be complete at the time of publishing as this technology is at its infancy. Hence the author, publisher and any appointed agents assumes no responsibility for any miss-interpretation, miss-communication, loss or liability to the reader. If the reader does not agree to these terms please do not use the author’s proprietary works mentioned in this book.


    We provide four types of licenses, on this website, to use the technology. A license consist of a one-time royalty fee and one or more copies of the book "Market Theories & Predicting the Stock Market by Visual Inspection" ISBN 978-983-44525-4-4. The various types of licenses are:-

    1. Individual Private License (US$2,000) This is for an individual to use the proprietary technology in a private and personal capacity for themselves.

    2. Corporate Private License (US$12,500) This is for non-financial industry based companies to use the proprietary technology in a private capacity within their company.

    3. Financial Private License (US$2,500,000) This is for fund managers, insurance & assurance companies, banks, investment houses, investment analyst,....to use the proprietary technology in a private capacity within their company.

    4. Financial Public License (US$8,000,000) This is for fund managers, insurance & assurance companies, banks, investment houses, investment analyst, governments, ....to use the proprietary technology in a private capacity within their company but they can publish their charts to their clients, provided that our website address, www.drpetersnews.com, and acknowledgments to Dr.Peter Achutha is indicated on their documents.

    Purchase the license suitable to you requirements.

    5. Software Developers License - Please Contact Us

    This agreement gives you some rights to use the Proprietary Technology. Peter Publishing reserves all other rights.

    All licenses are NOT REFUNDABLE

    Obtaining the License confirms that you have agreed to the License agreement & Terms & Conditions

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