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    « Does YouTube Malaysia hate non muslims?
    Open the Book of Knowledge and become one with the Wisdom of the Ancients.
    - Dr. Peter Achutha, September 2012
    Coming worldwide catostrophic diasasters to come »

    President Joe Biden there is something wrong

    The Way the truth and the life

    President Joe Biden, things are going very poorly for you, right? Where did you learn your economics? I explained to ex-President Barack Obama, from 2009 to 2011, on how to recover the US economy and prevent a Great Depression. Didn’t he explain all this to you when you were his vice President? I gave ex-President Barack Obama my book on my Mathematical Theories on Economics and he in turn gave it to Harvard University. Didn’t anyone understand my theories?

    Do you have the support of the right people?

    The people who appear to be advising you don’t seem to know much about economics or they don’t understand what is going on in the world or they pretend they know a lot and claim my work is actually theirs. The Lord God hates people like that.

    Didn’t you understand my theories on how to prevent a catastrophic economic collapse? Didn’t ex-President Barack Obama explain anything to you?

    USA in terrible difficulties

    America is going down the drain because they refuse to obey the Lord God. Everything is failing and falling apart, right? Pandemic that is immune to vaccines. People are bickering and quarrelling. There is no unity in the country (USA). Everyone is going their own way. There is no social cohesion. There are terrible snow storms, tornados, flooding. It is chaos in America. America is paying for its sins and the situation is going to get worse. Due to the Lord God's judgement, terrible things will happen to America and Europe. Just terrible. Just terrible.

    Many Americans are now godless. They think they are the right and everyone else is wrong. They do what they like. They steal, copy, pirate other people’s works and claim it is their own.

    Has America gone sour?

    After spending 3 years, freely explaining to ex-President Barack Obama how to prevent an economic depression you can see how grateful Americans were.

    I invented a technology that could cool CPU and GPU chips very quickly and had proposed to Intel to use it. I gave the idea for free, at the Intel Forum and what did the Intel engineers say? They said that I was using a “Cheap laptop, and sleazy laptop manufacturer” when the manufacturer was Samsung, the second largest technology company after Apple, using Intel processors. Shocking how they wanted to steal my work and claim it as their own by discrediting my work.

    Ex-President Barack Obama never really thanked me for all the help I gave to stop the US economy from going into a depression. My guess is that they wanted to hush up my works and claim all the credit for themselves.

    To much false news

    I couldn't believe it how bad the news media has become. Sometime back I wrote that I introduced the concept of 'Pent Up Demand' in my letters to ex-President Barack Obama. Immediastely BBC and I think Sky News stopped using the term. How much hatred they had for me. Why? When you look at the stories coming out of BBC you will notice that most of them are about how pitiful the muslim situation is. Never once did they mention any pity or mercy of atheist, Christians, Buddhist or Hindus. They consistely pushed the idea that muslims have been victimised but did they consider how wicked muslims have become. The muslims are openly taking shares and companies away from non-muslims - more of this in the next few paragraphs. BBC always reports muslim terrorist as mentally sick but never says the muslim terrorist was radicalised. Why? Isn't that bad news and false reporting? Is BBC trying to promote sympathy for muslim terrorist? Did these news channels ever consider how muslims have taken over parts of Europe, raped their women and do not allow any national law in those areas? Only islamic law is carried out in these areas. Even the police are not allowed into these areas. Why doesn't BBC report on this? BBC is completely controlled by muslims with a terrorist agenda. Most news stations are not telling the truth and are covering up the facts. The time is coming when the Lord God will make them tell the truth.

    I have been saving many nations with my economic theories and this is how thankful these nations have become. Things are going to get even more difficult for these people.

    President Joe Biden's economic policy

    Now I ask you, President Joe Biden, where did you learn about all the tactics you used to try and restore the American economy during the current crisis? You looked like someone who wanted to get the biggest plan, the biggest funds, the biggest economic restoration, biggest employment figures, in American history. Did it work? I don’t think much of it is working, right? You are listening to the wrong people. People who do not understand much about the economy.

    Championing piracy and greed

    Piracy and greed have become the pillars of society. Who cares for the Lord God or what He thinks? I follow the Ten Commandments very closely. I won’t lie or cheat people. I won’t steal form them. I give a helping hand when people are in need. I use my own funds and time to help others. There is no one funding my work or paying me a salary. I have no insurance or health care benefits. And yet I managed to help the President of the most powerful country in the world from collapsing into an economic depression. And yet with all my difficulties the patent office in Malaysia has delayed my patent application by 7 years because they wanted to victimise me. I guess this is to allow their friends to copy my work and claim it is theirs.

    A few weeks ago we found out that my mom’s shares in KOSMA was take from her by the Mentri Besar (Chief Minister) of Pahang and his cronies without her permission because they are a lawless people and we are non-muslims. Now she has insufficient funds for her medication and old age. They don’t care even though I saved Malaysia during the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis. It was my letters to the then Prime Minster, Tun Dr. Mahathir, about how to stop the economic collapse that came to the attention of the Americans. This is because my letters were widely photocopied and circulated through out Malaysia. That is how ex-President Barack Obama found out about me. Malaysia sent Bank Negara (The Central Bank) staff to USA to help them with the economic collapse of 2008 and, if I remember correctly, those staff returned two weeks later empty handed. It was because they were pretending that they were the ones who saved Malaysia’s economy during the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis.

    Sky News and BBC, why don't you find out the truth.

    Non muslims have to work hard

    The whole world knows that it is my economic theories that the Americans are using now but the Americans have kept silent about me. Why? Are they ashamed about me? Is it because I am not rich? We are non-muslims, living in a muslim country, so there are no government grants and scholarships for non-muslims in Malaysia. All government funds are provided to the muslims only and what have they achieved? So how to get rich when you are developing a theory that is mathematically difficult and original, that takes all your time 14 hours a day, 7 days a week, for 8 years? Tell me have you worked that hard in your life?

    Erroneous economic policy

    President Joe Biden, isn't there something wrong with your economic policies?

    - Dr. Peter Achutha, 17th January 2022

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