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    « open letter to Sundar Pichai, Sergey Brin & Mark Zuckerberg OAuth 2.0 and Contact Us Forms
    Seek the truth and the truth will set you free. Tell the truth and the truth will set others free.
    - Dr. Peter Achutha, September 2009
    YouTube increase subscribers and views »

    Problems with YouTube AI Algorithm

    the way the truth and the life

    After being a creator on YouTube since March 2020, I am sure the problems with YouTube AI Algorithm is because it is broken and is not working properly. Is this a case of AI taking over the world?

    Let me begin by relating events that occurred over the last few days.

    Having problems with YouTube Islamization

    false teachers

    Is YouTube broken because I noticed that almost every advert shown on YouTube to me was about the greatness of islam and their god, allah, and about wanting more money for their mosques and for their orphanages and the pitiful condition of the Palestinians and Yemenis. If their god was so great why would they want more money from non muslims? The Malaysian government grants and spends billions of dollars for muslims and almost nothing for the non muslims even though about 45% of the Malaysian population is non muslim. Inspite of the massive government grants for muslims, yet the muslims are here, on YouTube, begging us non muslims for money.

    I checked with one other friend and found out that no body had such experiences. YouTube was targeting me and I am having problems with YouTube. I was so mad with YouTube that I sent them feedback to stop showing me all islamic or muslim adverts and those that showed the Palestinian and Yemeni condition. I told them that they were wasting their advertiser’s money by showing me sickening adverts and if they don’t stop showing me these adverts I will put it on my blog that YouTube is controlled by muslims. The muslims have taken over control of YouTube. I don’t know why but YouTube has stopped replying to my feedback since last year. Could it be that they don't understand English?

    Do you know that they stopped showing muslim adverts for a few hours and then started back advertising muslims begging for money. Now I allow the muslim adverts to play almost to the end and then click on the link provided, so that it becomes expensive for them to advertise on YouTube. They think they can harrass me forever. I am having severe problems with youtube today. I even went to Google and turned off all advertising from Malaysia but that didn't work. Is Google pretending that it will allow you to turn off certain adverts?

    How wicked the muslims have become

    My father served as a government doctor with Mahathir in Kedah in the early 1960’s. Wherever the government sent him he went without any complaints. They sent him to the Malay (Muslim) states and we spent 9 years, my schooling days, among muslims. He served compassionately and helped a lot of Malays come up as he never looked at color, race or religion. While serving in Kuantan he invested in Oil Palm estate, KOSMA, shares. That was back in 1967. Today the muslim authorities have told my mom that she cannot hold shares, that my father bought in 1967, in the KOSMA Oil Palm estate because she is living further than 10 kilometers from Kuantan and have stopped providing her with dividends. She is 86 years old and needs the dividends to help her with expenses and medical bills so my mom has aked them for compensation. They, the KOSMA Board of Directors, have never responded to my mom's letters. They don't care. This oil palm estate is headed by the Mentri Besar (Chief Minister) of Pahang, YAB. Dato’ Sri HajiWan Rosdy bin Wan Ismail, and they have told my mom to report them to the Suruhanjaya Koperasi Malaysia (Malaysia Co-operative Societes Commission) and that means it is a political strategy of the muslims. That indicates that the the purge of non muslim wealth begins at the very highest levels. After they succeed in attacking the denfenselss non muslims they will come for the rich non muslims? It is about muslim corruption and muslim power. It is a much longer story but I wanted to keep it short and simple so that my readers will know how wicked the muslims have become. You know what is really bad? All muslims are allowed to own shares in companies that are further then 10km from where they live. They are allowed to own share in Singapore, Indonesia, Sweden, New York, London and Paris and further.

    The muslims in power are targeting the old and defenseless people. Once they find they can get away with it they will come after the richer non-muslims.

    Palm Oil Price Trends 2021

    I have shown that the muslims are not following the Koran. Please see my article on the world Islamic zone.

    Many years ago, on September 2016, I had even warned the Europeans that the migration of muslims into Europe will destroy Europe. Unfortunately, my warnings have fallen on deaf ears. Time will reveal the truth. Just look at Lebanon. It was the only Christian country in the Middle East and they were the only country who took pity on the Palestinians as none of the Arab countries wanted the Palestinians. Now look at how the Palestinians have repaid the Lebanese people. Like dogs, they bite the hand that feeds them. The Palestinian brought civil war to Lebanon and have now destroyed the country. Look at what the muslims have done to Cyprus. Europe please learn from these lessons. The muslims you are bringing into your countries will destroy all of you. My greatest worry is that it may be the demise of the Caucasian people.

    I have even heard, not sure how true it is,

    1. about muslims wanting to execute people who are not vaccinated in Malaysia.

    2. the claim, that is taught locally, that Sanskrit is an Arabic language and not from India because a lot of words in Malay are of Tamil / Sanskrit / Indian origin.

    3. the claim that Australia and New Zealand were ruled by muslims.

    4. the claim that logistics companies have to give 51% share to muslims for free. As a foreigner would you invest in Malaysia knowing that you have no say in running your own company. They will bleed all your profits dry.

    5. that muslims do not have to pay income tax anymore. Only non muslims must pay income tax.

    See how bad the situation is here, in Malaysia, but there are some good muslims but they are very few. What the muslim politicians are doing in Malaysia is the begining of a mass genocide. When and where will they stop? Remember Hitler's rage at the Jews and how he confisticated their properties and businesses before sending them to the slaughter - the holocaust? How many jews were killed in Auschwitz? Remember how Idi Amin confisticated India properties and businesses before expelling them out of Uganda? The same thing is coming to Malaysia. I remember meeting young muslims, about the year 2000, at the Central Market in Kuala Lummpur. The Central Market is located at Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock (Foch Avenue) and the pedestrian-only section of Jalan Hang Kasturi (Rodger Street), a few minutes away from Petaling Street and next to Klang River. These young muslims were in their early 20's and they proudly told me about World War III was still on under Hitler's army in Europe and many other false facts about history. It looks like they had ISIS or Taliban training. These young men are now in their forties and are in positions of power in Malaysia filled with unadulterated religious racism.

    How ungrateful they have become after I had helped them recover the economy back in 1997. They are openly targeting non muslims and confisticating their properties and busineses now. They are targeting the poor, the defenseless and those who cannot fight back. Eventually as they get the courage to do more wicked atrocities they will target the rich and powerful non muslims. After that when all the wealth is depeleted they will be coming for the neighbouring countries. Even the law has become corrupted by their 'Taliban' attitude. There is no defence, no protection against these raging mad muslims and the world is keeping quiet. I had warned that the muslim in Burma, the Rohingya, were originally from Bangladesh and these people quietly moved into Burma and claimed Burma as their homeland. What was the world doing? They were crying for the Rohingya as if the Burmese government were ill treating them? I had warned the Europeans several times about the dangers of muslim migration into Europe.

    How did it all begin

    It all began when I was developing a theory to predict the stock market. Back in 1991, I found out that no one had any idea about how the stock markets work. All published papers and books mentioned that it was random activity. Many corporations were investing millions of dollars to try to find some way to predict the stock market movement. But in Malaysia they, the stock brokers, traded based on rumours. The internet was almost nonexistent back then. I contacted many companies, banks and government research grant institutions to help me fund this research. All of them laughed at me. Some said that it is impossible to predict the stock market and that I was wasting my life away. Others told me I was a non-muslim so they could not give me any grants. Government grants were only for muslims. So, I carried on my research at home and I worked on low paying temporary jobs for a few weeks here and for a few weeks there so that I could have money for cigarettes and the movies. I worked as a house painter, a typist, a telephone operator, a waiter and general worker in restaurants and a factory worker and many other jobs. The pay was very low compared to such jobs in the West.

    It took me about 6 to 8 years, on my own without funding, to finalize the mathematical models to predict the stock and commodity markets. The final equation I had derived was:-

    M(z) = W(z) + I(z) + N(z)

    Then in 1997 during the Asian Financial Crisis Malaysia’s economy collapsed. In January 1997, I had warned an accounting company where I worked as a typist that the stock market would crash. Crash it did and the country was in ruins. Everything was failing, new motor car sale collapsed, property prices collapsed, shops and factories closed, unemployment began to climb like never before. Mahathir was in Japan and complained to the whole world that no one predicted the economic collapse. I did predict the crash but I was considered a non muslim, an inferior class of person. That was when I decided to write to Mahathir, our then Prime Minister. My letters to the Prime Minister are on my website. As a result of my letters, a great calamity was averted. My letters to the Prime Minister were widely photocopied and circulated in public. Even the US embassy had copies of my letters and they wrote to me too but that is another long story for another day. That is how the Americans came to know about my research work and how I saved the Malaysian economy.

    I took Malaysia away from the IMF solutions and we became independent of the IMF. I explained not to pull back car loans and house loans which was what the Americans had not learned about until 2008. Malaysia’s and Singapore’s bank interest rates began to climb to almost 24% but I explained that that was the wrong solution. I coined the term the ‘Real Economy’ so that no one would mix it with the events going on at the stock market or the financial markets.

    To cut a long story short, Mahathir never thanked me for the help I gave even though people were saying that he would lose 7 generations of wealth. All he could suggest was that the Malaysian Indians should donate all their gold to the government but he never asked the Chinese or the Malays (muslims) to donate their gold to the government? Was it because he is Indian and not Malay and did not have the guts to ask the other races in the country? Mahathir was so thankful about my help that he made sure no one funded my research and never gave me any thanks or gratitude or rewards for helping him because I was a non Muslim. Mahathir wanted my technology under muslim control so he made sure no one thanked me and I could not win the Nobel Prize for Economics. Even the local universities didn’t want me to publish my theories with them, for a doctorate. It just goes to show what type of Prime Minister we have. He wasn't the Prime Minister of Malaysia but the Prime Minister of the Malays/muslims.

    Now there are powerful people monitoring my phone calls and my emails and everything else I do. Why is it they have to resort to theft to get something from me? Why don’t they pay me for my work? Because this is the muslim way towards non-muslims. I have already warned Europe about taking in muslim migrants because that will be disastrous for them.

    America’s Great Recession

    So, when in 2008 the Great Recession began with the collapse of Lehman brothers President Obama wanted my advice because the Americans knew I was the one that saved Malaysia back in 1998. I had in August 1998 published a KLCI chart predicting that the Malaysian stock market will begin a bull run in September 1998 that would last about 2 to 3 years.

    They would send me questions through CNBC and I would reply to them on my blog. Firstly, my blog was on geocities and later I moved it to bachutha.com and then to drpetersnews.com. I wrote many articles for all of them to understand, President Obama, Ben Benarke, Nancy Pelosi, … and many others but I forget many of their names. Many of them were at a loss and they just didn’t know what to do. Some of them were clutching their Bibles as if the Lord would come down and save them but the Lord sent me. You should read my letters to President Barack Obama. Not all of the letters are there as I have lost many of them because my computer was stolen. I saved the American economy and President Obama said that I could become an American citizen because my doctorate is American. I explained not to give money to the banks but directly to the people because banks don't create Demand, only people do. I explained the flash crash mechanism. I explained not to evict home owners and don’t pull back house loans and car loans because recovery will come soon. Don't you remember 'millions' of people were sleeping in tents, in the streets, in the USA, because the bank took back their homes and evicted them. I explained not to auction off properties and vehicles as this makes their prices collapse. You can read about the auctions here too. Now Malaysian banks follow this advice too. I explained that money behaves like water and it has flow properties. Wherever money flows there will be prosperity. I believe that I coined the term ‘Pent Up Demand’ but many appear to misunderstand the term. This is because back in 2009 many economists were looking at a Great Depression in the making because of their understanding of the 1929 Depression. To me this Great Recession of 2008 was different from the 1929 Depression. My theories have spread across the whole world and everyone is using them now. President Biden, you were with President Obama, as Vice President back then, right? So you should know all about my work in helping the American government.

    In my theory I showed the difference between inflation and hyperinflation, what is a bullrun in the stock market and how to control the market, company accounts can be used to predict its performance two to three years into the future, risk and exposure which was taught wrongly before, money has flow properties like water, how to select best selling products, explained economics as probability theory, invented group probability theory and showed the realtionship between wave theory and probability theory. I explained that waves convert to particles or probabilites as a final value. That is the real meaning of duality in physics.

    There are many powerful people involved trying their level best to destroy my research work and copy and claim that it is their own work. I have warned many in the West that if they keep going on pilfering, pirating and perjuring themselves and worship money and not obey the commandments of the Lord God, He is going to destroy them. He is already destroying China and letting the muslim nations destroy themselves. There comes a time when the Lord God will not show any mercy.

    Is YouTube broken

    what is wrong here

    After YouTube began to flood me with muslim adverts I realized that YouTube was targeting me and trying to destroy my life. I suspect that they wanted me to be hidden and unknown because powerful muslims were dictating terms to YouTube about me. Even after complaining to YouTube that it is broken and with many problems the muslims just didn't care and carried on like they are inoccent and nobody could touch them. The muslims have broken YouTube.

    Google working for China

    Many years ago, because my research into hackers, I discovered the Google was working for the Chinese government. Google was very angry with me for exposing them. I apologized for exposing them as I had no bad intentions against them but I think they wanted to victimize me after that. I don’t think they have forgotten how I exposed their working with China. Looking back after all these years how did Google get American military funding and yet work with the government of China?

    This could be another potential reason that YouTube has been suppressing my videos. See my article dated August 2018 to Sundar Puchai, Sergey Brin and Mark Zuckerberg. I won't be suprised that Google is suppressing my articles and preventing people from knowing that the stock markets can be predicted - my prediction technology is about 25 years old.

    Google changed because of my advice

    Google changed because of what I published. I found out that the way they were forcing everyone to do responsive web design was not good and I had proposed a much better alternative that is widely used today.

    I even exoplained to Google that they allowed the large coporations, who had nothing to do with recipes and bread baking to fill up the firrst few pages of SERP with their articles. Many of them were news broadcaasting companies and nothing to do with baking or recipes and all their recipes were identical word for word. It was like they copied pages from a cooking recipe book. After I pointed it out Google stopped them. Even though I had helped Google a lot, I won't be surprised that even Google is trying their level best to bury me and my work.

    I even complained that many of these mega social media companies were encouraging piracy, word for word copying and pure plagerism to get more viewers. What they were doing was to stifle original works, inventions and good ideas. This results in the mediocre being promoted to top positions and the general society gets less and less educated over time and this is already happeing in Malaysia. (I have been told that school children are taught that Australia and New Zealand were ruled by the muslisms. That is really farcical.) Eventually, the country becomes another third rate nation that is incapable of original works. It is truly your problem because your children will face a bleak future based on piracy and plagirism. The best analogy I can provide is when you boil pork bones, the scum always rises to the top. You guys have to change your approach to social media and learn to tell the truth otherwise the situation is going to get so bad even the economy will collapse. Look at China.

    I have contributed a lot to the world well being but yet there are the very powerful who want to destroy my work and claim it is theirs. And it is for this reason I believe climate change cannot be prevented.

    Impossible to turn off Google Ads

    turned off Google Malaysian ads

    Even after I turned off Malaysian Google Ads yesterday, they began to come back today. It is not true that Google allows you to turn off certain ads. Either that or the Malaysian YouTube office is over riding Google and YouTube policy due to political pressure. There are so many bullies in Malaysia trying their best to destroy my life. They think that the Lord God does not know what they are doing. Eventually the Lord God will make them pay bitterly for their wickedness.

    Youtube is broken again?

    Now that I have covered a little of my history and how much I have helped many governments around the world, let me show you that YouTube is either broken or the AI algorithm has taken over YouTube and doing what it likes. The Servant has become the Master, just like in the Terminator movies. There is a third possiblity in that some powerful muslim terrorist has infiltrated YouTube and causing it to deliver errorneous results. Let me show you some findings that point to too many errors in YouTube.

    Viewership down

    I noticed that lately, my viewership has been dropping. It hit about 29K viewers and watch time of about 2.9K hours, if I remember correctly, last month and if the growth and interest, in my videos are anything to go by, I should have over 30K viewers and probably watch time of 3K hours, this month, October 2021. Unfortunately, as at the time of writing this article the viewer ship has dropped down to 16K and watch time is down to 1.1K hours. So I began to analyse what was happening and the results are provided below.

    Video duration down

    visitor count for bachutha.com

    Many YouTube creators want to know how to speed up video editing. Unfortunately, either YouTube is not promoting this video as viewer count is only 2 viewers or they are forcing people who are not interested in this topic to watch the video. That is why the average viewing duration has dropped to 0.13 minutes or seconds(?) even though it is a 16 minute video. Those two viewers were not interested in this video.

    Next YouTube Failure Night Urination

    visitor count for bachutha.com

    Here I am showing you the most popular video I have. It brought in, since published on 26th April 2021, about 28.7K views and 2.2K watch time in hours and 344 subscribers to my channel as of today 15th October 2021. YouTube has been blocking this video. YouTube brought in about 100 viewers and the rest of about 28,000 views were brought in by WhatsApp. People were very interested in this topic of stopping frequent night urination. It is really bad to wakeup several times a night to urinate. It disrupts sleep cycles and makes you sleepy all day. Unfortunatlely, YouTube refused to let people know what would be useful, healing and interesting for them. They were trying to hide my video but the news spread like wild fire among WhatsApp viewers. Wasn't YouTube trying to destroy me after I had helped thousands of people suffering from night urination?

    visitor count for bachutha.com

    From the above screen shot of YouTube analytics you can observe that YouTube was not using my keywords that correctly described the video and used their own keywords. Their keywords like 'Erogan' is a sexual health drug and nothing related to my video topic. Keywords such as 'be with us mary along the way lyrics' is nonsense for this topic. The YouTube algorithm is completely wrong on selecting keywords and worse still it is completely wrong on who it shows my videos to. Yet, due to WhatsApp delivery of my videos YouTube is minting money showing adverts to my WhatsApp viewers. As of today they have added other keywords:- 'tibetan singing bowl', 'yoga for seniors', 'botox treatment for overactive bladder', '6 ways to stop nocturia for good night sleeve', 'dr too much urination' and many other keywords. My God what is wrong with YouTube? How do they come up with such nonsensical keywords? This is the reason my viewers and watch time is dropping - its YouTube's fault. Do you know what is really bad? They will use their keywords to accuse me of creating bad videos.

    Next YouTube Failure Cinebench R20 R23

    visitor count for bachutha.com

    I did a video on using Cinebench to test the speed of your PC or laptop and exposed Acer Nitro 5 as a problem laptop. Let it be know that I have provided alot of information to the Taiwanwese to help improve their computer designs and manufacturing operations. What did YouTube do? It promoted my videos as something about speeding up USB 3.0 hubs and about external hdd's? Who would view my video if it is off topic for them? Even the view duration will drop drastically because the viewer got cheated by what YouTube showed them. After that happens YouTube will blame me for doing bad videos. Watch the video and you will notice I have a lot of real test results. I put warning of climate change and failure of many electronic devices from China that cannot handle higher operating temperatures and fail to work properly. This is because I am only telling the truth of the waste of money they have become to me and to others to warn them to check the products before purchasing them. YouTube censors these videos by blocking them from being aired. Is China ruling over YouTube too?

    Another YouTube Failure on how I fixe my poor eyesight

    visitor count for bachutha.com

    Look at the keywords YouTube is using to show this video. Honestly, how does any one come up with keywords not related to the video topic. YouTube was searching for viewers for keywords such as 'eye sight of -3' which I thought was for people with 3 eyes until I Googled it and found out it was about pre-schoolers. Then there was 'eyeglasses storage' when part of the video is about how to clean you glasses. And the list of bad keywords goes on and on and on for every video of mine. No wonder the number of viewers I get is about zero and dropping. Who is the brains behind this stupid AI algorithm?

    YouTube is killing my shorts

    visitor for accelerated video rendering

    YouTube is killing off my shorts views. They are those that are like Tic Tok videos. They showed them in India and then when my shorts hits about 1000 views (500 to 1500) they kill it off. Doesn't YouTube know that about 65% of the population in Malaysia don't know English or at a very mediocre level of understanding? They won't watch my videos because they are in English. Today my shorts videos are dead. That is because YouTube is not showing them to anyone anymore. All this happened when YouTube came out with payment funds for shorts creators. They were for a few creators in countries in the West and in India. Then when they included Malaysia they killed off my shorts videos. My suspicion is that they don't want me to win any money for making shorts videos. Furthermore the most likely reason is that they didn't want anyone to view my videos because they didn't want me to earn an income from my YouTube videos. Now no one can look at my affiliate links and purchase my products. I am begining to suspect that YouTube is badly managed because incompetent people, who hate me, have risen to the top. Do you know that if they can victimise me they can victimise anyone with legal immunity.

    how many youtube views to make money

    It is bad isn't it when they are desperate to promote the YouTube advertisers instead of YouTube creators. How many youtube views do they need to make money?

    YouTube viewer duration

    What the chart above shows is that the sharp decline in viewer duration at the first few seconds of viewing the YouTube video may be due to :-

    1. the viewer dislike of the advertisement shown to him

    2. or that YouTube was promoting the videos to those who had no interest in the video topic. The main reason for this was that they wanted viewers to watch the advertisments to force the advertisers to pay more revenue to YouTube

    As you can see in this particular case the the YouTube calculated Average Percentage Viewed was 30.8%. Had there been no sharp drop in viewers in the first few seconds of the video the estimated Average Percentage Viewed would have been at a much higher value of 83.8%. The estimated corrected Average Percentage Viewed of 83.8% shows that the viewers truly loved the video. Isn't there something wrong with the YouTube algorithm? Many YouTube influencer and YouTube management and promoters keep stressing on the fact that our videos are not interesting or we have not done our introduction properly but they could be wrong.

    Lert us look at the data another way. 100% - 30.8% = 69.2 ie about 70%. That shows that for every 10 people shown the video only 3 people were interested in watching the video. It is very clear that the YouTube alogrithm is very erroneous. This is a very serious error of 70%, which means the algorithm is guessing who would be interested in watching the video. Imagine falling sick and going to see a doctor who makes mistakes 70% of the time. 70% of his patients would be dead after consulting him. You want that kind of performance from YouTube?

    To me, personally, it is very clear that YouTube is showing the videos to the wrong people. Try showing a video on how sewage treatment works to someone who only wants to watch cooking videos? They won't watch the video, right? But as an advertiser you will have to pay YouTube for screening your advertisemment. What YouTube is doing is that they target you because of your interesteing in cooking, to show you advertisments on food and cooking and related topics and then show you the video on sweage treatment. You will definitely switch off the video and watch something else, right? Then YouTube will tell you that your viewer duration is very low and lowers your ranking or stops showing your videos. It is a very fast way to kill off YouTube creators and earn advertising fees in the process. Kill two birds with one stone. Yes, I did choose an extreme example that many viewers will appreciate as YouTube tries to show me islamic videos of which I have no interest.

    Do watch the video below on an interesting and novel way of cooling your computer and let me know, in the YouTube video comments, what you think. It is new knowledge and I think a lot of PC and laptop designers and users should know about this. This is because climate change is coming and many laptops, keyboards, HDMI switchers and other electronic products will fail due to overheating of the CPUs, GPUs and other electronic components. The video is about how I upgraded my 10 year old Samsung laptop into a cooler desktop computer that became 35% to 95% faster without overclocking the CPU. Samsung laptops are brilliant and worth every cent.

    So what did you think about the video? Leave some comments at the YouTube video comments section.

    What next

    The Lord told me that at least one of the mega social media corporation will close. Kaput, dead, cease existance.

    No one has dug into the workings of YouTube, right? They only know what fodder YouTube has provided them. I think even YouTube has lost control of the technology. A lot of creators claim they know how to improve your viewer counts and viewer duration and subscribers and I have been learning from many of them but they have missed the main point. That is if YouTube misdirects your videos to people who are not interested in viewing them you are doomed.

    I have subscribed to and used VidIQ and TubeBuddy for many months and later stopped the subscriptions. That was for a very simple reason. I found out that keywords that VidIQ and TubeBuddy provided me actually reduced the number of viewers coming to my channel. I had blamed them for the bad results but now I know better. It was not VidIQ or TubeBuddy that was giving me the wrong keywords. It was YouTube that was giving VidIQ and TubeBuddy the wrong keywords which they passed onto me. I appologise to both VidIQ and to TubeBuddy for blaming them earlier as now I know the real events behind YouTube misdirecting viewers.

    Have the muslims taken control of YouTube? Yes. They are implementing muslim cruelty and showed no gratitude that my father and I had helped them a lot. My father served as a government Radiologist in the Malay muslim states most of his life and taught students Japanese so that they could get a scholarship to study at a Japanese university. I guided Malaysia out of the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis by explaining to our then prime minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir, how to prevent the collapse of the economy. How shocked he was that someone, without government funding, could develop a new mathematical theory of economics that could predict the stock and commmodity markets, even though he made sure that non muslims could not get any government grants. He was so grateful that he blacklisted me so that now one would buy my theories or market predictions as he wanted islam to control my technologies and use it to become the richest and most powerful religion in the world. Such shameful leaders in the world. You didn't know about my work? That is because they kept it a secret because I am Christian and not muslim. Just to remind you that I helped President Barack Obama during the Great Recession of 2008, from 2009 to 2011.

    Let me relate a story on Hinduism that my mom taught us when we were little children. Hinduism is governed by 3 deities and they and all of creation, are under the Lord God Almighty, Heavenly Father, of the Christians, who I met when I was taken up to heaven many years ago. The Malay term for diety is 'dewa' which is the Hindu / Indian term for a god. Back to the story, the 3 deities are the Lord Brahma, Lord Siva and Lord Vishnu. The Indians are not allowed to worship the Lord Brahma and that is another story for another day. Others like the South East Asians of non-Indian descent are allowed to worship the Lord Brahma and pray to him. That is why you will find Brahma altars among the Thais and others. The story goes that the Lord Brahman wanted to destroy a race of rakshasas, demons or unrighteous spirits, because they were causing too much destruction and violently attacking and harming everyone else. They had no care or concern for property or people. The Malay / Indonesian word raksasa, which means giant demon or orge, originates from the Hindu word rakshasas. Rakshasas are also mentioned in the Ramayana and the Mahabharata. The story goes that the demons pleaded with Lord Brahma to give them another chance. That is the reason the rakshasas are born mostly as muslims. They carry out suicide bombings, kill people of other religions like we saw ISIS do, murder, rape, steal and destroy other people's property and carry out other atrocities.

    This is one way to bypass the YouTube AI Algorithm. Try it out.

    - Dr. Peter Achutha, 15th October 2021
    updated 29th October 2021 after the Lord told me "hide nothing"

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