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    « The Lord Gods blessing and generational curses and gays lesbians
    The Glitter of Gold lasts forever but you need to shine a light on it.
    - Dr. Peter Achutha, November 2009
    Save the children »

    Sino Russian world war

    We will be attacked by China and Russia very soon. Do not trust anything they do or say or any peace gestures from them as war is coming.

    I have watched many prophesy videos and some have not come true as many people pray to the Lord God to change events but this prophesy is very worrisome. It troubled me for many weeks and I decided to publish this article on the coming war against Russia and China. Can this war be prevented? I wrote two articles earlier so that there is some understanding that the waring partners will not go to war against us. These articles are https://drpetersnews.com/slowing-economic-growth.php and https://drpetersnews.com/the lord gods blessing and generational curses and gays lesbians .

    The events leading up to the war

    Look at Russia's movements. It has taken over Crimea because of the submarine bases and air force bases over there, south of Sevastopol. I believe they will reactivate these bases. Looking at the satellite pictures many airports in Crimea are empty as there are no airplanes in view, at least military aircraft. Those air force jets were visible on Google satellite pictures many years ago. Taking territorial control of Crimea gives Russia access to naval bases like Balaklava Submarine Base, thebohemianblog.com on crimea soviet sub base balaklava naval museum ukraine and access to the Black Sea and further down access into the Mediterranean.

    Today the Russians are giving peace gestures to placate their eventual war with the West. They are cooperating with China to destroy the West and their main target is the USA. The Chinese are ruthless and cannot be trusted for any reason. Look at how they courted the British government before the Brexit. The Chinese were planning to use Britain to enter the European Market. They did not care if the British steel industry failed as they were 'dumping' cheap low quality steel into Britain. China's plan is to force the closure of Western companies so that when they go to war, the West would not have any manufacturing companies to sustain any war effort.

    Singapore's end game

    Look at the recent events in Singapore. ft.com on Singapore returning faulty trains to China for repair. Singapore wants the Western nations, especially, US warships to protect their country but it wants only China to profits from Singaporean projects. Now you can see how bad the Chinese are. They sold 26 faulty carriages to Singapore with cracks and faults. No one has mentioned any invisible fractures and faults in these carriages. What was the reason for Singapore to buy Chinese carriages? The answer lies in the fact that Singapore wants to be the capital of South East Asia when China conquers South East Asia. This is the reason that the Singaporeans are trying every means to placate the world and promote the idea that China is a peaceful country. That is really bad. Look at how the Chinese are building a military base breakingdefense.com/ on chinese scarborough shoal base would threaten manila/ and nytimes.com on hilippines south china sea ash carter.

    Mao's tactics

    This is what Mao Zedong did, he accused others of invading their territory, even though they had not so, and then invaded them. They did this when they invaded Tibet claiming that India had occupied Tibet. They are now claiming that the USA is starting a war with China over the Spratly Islands so that they can justify a war in South East Asia to conquer the South East Asian nations. China is claiming that the Islands off Vietnam's and Philippine's coasts belong to them and will go to war, just as they did in Tibet. It is China that is creating trouble by building a military base on the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea. This sea should be correctly renamed as the South East Asian Sea. abc.net.au on chinese military aircraft lands on south china sea island. War is coming.

    The Chinese are using Mao's tactics. Accuse you of being the foreign occupier and then invade your country. They do this in business too.

    I bet you that there is a pact between Russia and China to create new territorial wars. I am very sure as I have been watching events unfold.

    The Chinese Master Race

    Shocking isn't it that the Chinese think that they are the master race and only they must govern the whole world. Even in Malaysia the local Chinese think that they are superior to all other races. I think it is a cover up for their wickedness. They have lied, cheated, swindled and corrupted every other race in Malaysia to gain wealth. To cover up for this they make the claim that they are the superior race and all others deserve the treatment they get from the Chinese.

    So what is so superior about the Chinese? Did they invent the petrol or diesel engines? Be careful as they are so good at pirating everything and anything that you may one day see documentary evidence that the Chinese were the first to invent the diesel or petrol engines. Did they discover electricity? Did they invent the computer and programming languages? Did they find a use for petroleum and invent plastics? So what did they really do?

    Did they discover rubber? Did they invent the rubber tires upon which the whole world depends upon for transportation and commerce? Did they invent the airplane or the submarine? Did they invent nuclear technology? Did they create Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics? What did they really do? Did the Chinese invent vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens, TV, radio and telephones, washing machines? Did they invent lorries, trucks, cars, motorbikes, bicycles? How about antibiotics, the electric generators, electric motors, telescopes, traffic lights, the electric bulb and microscopes? Even the electron microscope? Did they invent the transistor, the silicon chip, ic, eprom and rams memory chips or CPU's, the single chip microcontrollers? So what did they really do that makes them superior to all other races? Even rocket designs were pirated from NASA.

    The destruction by the Chinese

    Do you remember the Mao Zedong Cultural Revolution (Cultural Cleansing)? According to Wikipedia wikipedia.org on Cultural Revolution "Millions of people were persecuted in the violent struggles that ensued across the country, and suffered a wide range of abuses including public humiliation, arbitrary imprisonment, torture, sustained harassment, and seizure of property. A large segment of the population was forcibly displaced, most notably the transfer of urban youth to rural regions during the Down to the Countryside Movement. Historical relics and artifacts were destroyed. Cultural and religious sites were ransacked."

    This is what will happen in South East Asia when the Chinese come to conquer. Schools will not be allowed to teach English as they will need a more illiterate working population to work in the fields and the factories. And there will be no internet access. They will remove all who can think independently, who appear to be more intelligent than the Chinese and those who believe in the Lord God. They will show no mercy just as they did in the Sri Lankan civil war. I would not be surprised that there will be special schools for the Chinese to get a superior education and then only Chinese will be allowed to go to university. It is happening already.

    End of America?

    If you had watched the video you will know that the author of the video, Nathan Shepard, tells us that the Russians will explode an EMP bomb over America to destroy the entire nation. Do the Russians have such a capability? Do they have the technology of making a Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse (NEMP or HEMP) bomb? Do the North Koreans have such a capability washingtonexaminer.com on expert north koreas h bomb is super emp weapon. Do they have one bomb that can destroy the entire area of USA or will it include parts of Canada and Mexico? My suspicion is that one bomb would not be sufficient due to the wide area of the USA. Would the Russians use a thousand bombs to destroy USA?

    The fallout from and EMP devastation is the complete collapse of the economy. All stock and commodity exchanges would be electronically shorted out. No more records of any trades and ownership of stocks and commodities will exist after the EMP devastation. This means that all those pension funds and other fund managers will have all their funds deleted. Everyone who invested in funds will be broke. The same applies to the banks. All records will be deleted and no one will have money in the banks. You will not be able to take cash form the ATM's as they would be fried.

    Nobody will have cash in hand to buy any food or water or even to top up gas for their cars. The whole country will come to a standstill. All military equipment, vehicles, ships and jets will be paralyzed and immovable. There will be no defense systems and crafts. Probably the Russians or the North Koreans would hit the GPS satellites and there will be no GPS to guide missiles, rockets, ships and air crafts. Traffic lights will fail to work.

    Every American will have no money to buy anything whether it is food, drinks or medicine. Hospitals will cease X-rays, scans, operations . etc. Supermarkets and shops will be closed as food would be rotting in the fridges or looters would have taken everything. The farms will not be able to harvest their crops or sell their animals for slaughter. This means that eventually the farms would plundered by looters. Lawlessness will prevail unless some form of substitute reorganization comes into effect immediately after the EMP devastation.

    Most websites and email systems will cease. Hand phones, radios and TV's will not work.

    The end of the rest of the world?

    Didn't the Russians and the Chinese know that USA is the engine of growth for the world economy? Once America ceases, the Europeans will not be able to trade with the USA. In 2015 EU imports from USA was 248 Billion Euros and EU exports to USA was 371 Billion Euros as mentioned in ec.europa.eu on united states/. In 2013 the internal trade among the EU member countries was about 250 Billion Euros. That gives an idea of that if USA collapses the economy of the European Union will collapse too. Then Europe will fall into a deep recession. Europe would not need Russian energy as many OPEC countries, having lost the American market, will try to sell to Europe. Worst still America will not need that much energy because no one has cash to purchase energy. Most Asian economies will collapse as there will be almost no demand for their products. Even the Chinese economy will collapse as they will not be able to export anything. Then at this point the Russians will find out that their economy flat lined. It will be as dead as dead can be. This is because no one needs their exports, their raw materials and their fuel.

    Russia collapses into anarchy

    When the EMP devastation occurs the Russian economy will completely collapse. In fact it will be worse than during Mikhail S. Gorbachev's Perestroika and Glasnost. Does Vladimir Putin want to reverse Perestroika and Glasnost? The average Russian is poor compared even to the Malaysian's. In Malaysia the average family can own a car, a computer and a smartphone and other electronic gadgets. From my experience communicating with the Russians, I noticed that most cannot afford a personal computer at home. I am not even comparing the Russians with other Europeans but with less developed or less advanced Asians. After the EMP strike on the USA, the Russian economy will disintegrate because there will be no money to pay government servants, police and soldiers, there will be no cash to buy bread and gangs of marauders will roam the streets and take control of towns and cities. The whole of Russia will collapse into anarchy. Didn't Russia almost collapse into anarchy during Perestroika period? The difference then was that the Russian government had revenue coming in so they managed to recover their power base.

    China's role in the coming collapse of the world economy

    What the North Koreans do not understand is that once China's economy collapses there won't be free handouts from China. For all we know it may be China that has been funding the North Korean nuclear bomb testing and missile launches and EMP bombs.

    Worldwide Depression after the EMP Devastation

    It would probably be a 10 to 30 year depression for the whole world. Do you remember the events occurring during the 1929 Depression? Even a tiny insignificant country like Malaysia was affected. Malaysians had difficulty exporting goods. Isn't history repeating itself as shown in his book "The Global Impact of the Great Depression 1929-1939" By Dietmar Rothermund books.google.com.my on rubber prices in 1929 and here is the chart by The Rubber Economist Ltd at therubbereconomist.com books Natural Rubber prices.

    How to nullify the impact of an EMP

    I believe it is possible to block the impact of an EMP on frying electronic circuits. I have not tested this out as I do not have the resources even though I am an Electronic Engineer.

    1. Fit interference reducing suppression systems as used in modern car vehicles - a Faraday Cage & a radiation shield.
    2. Use lighting strike suppressors. These are found in fixed line telephones to short out the high voltages induce by nearby lighting strikes. They are attached between telephone power supply line and electrical ground to short the power line to ground should the voltage rise too high.
    3. I would not know if each individual electronic chip would need lighting strike protection built in.
    4. I am not sure if the current lighting strike technology is sufficient to suppress the EMP or would the semiconductor or electronics component industry need to develop faster and higher voltage and current guard band devices.

    Possible preparations for an EMP strike

    To prepare for an EMP strike people should

    1. Keep more cash at hand in a safe place.
    2. Keep some gold or silver to use as a substitute for unavailable currency. Bartering would be the way to trade for a while so if you have a good supply of tinned food or other commodities you could use that instead of cash. Please do not store tinned food manufactured in Asia or some other countries, as I found out that many of them will rust within a year and the contents will spoil. I kept a tin of red juicy tomatoes for a year in my cupboard and it exploded as the contents began to ferment. The built up pressure tore open the side of the tin and the whole cupboard was plastered with rotting obnoxious stuff. I could not find that picture of the exploded tin so I am showing the picture below of another set of old tins of tomatoes. Many of them will not last a year. On the other hand freeze dried foods can be stored for years without any problems.

    3. Have access to clean water.
    4. Use one of those old diesel engine cars to get around. They have no computer control engines and all the switches are mechanical. Diesel engines only need the battery to turn the engine to start it and after that do not need any electricity. Keep a spare starter.
    5. Pray to the Lord God for help and try to act like human beings.

    War is coming.

    I believe this war can be averted and EMP devastation can be blocked. If we pray the Lord God can block this war from occurring. The advice I am giving is that both the Russian government and Chinese government should take note that if they start this war both their economies will nose dive into a great depression.

    - Dr. Peter Achutha, 9th July 2016

    Mathew 21:42 Jesus said to them. "Have you never read the Scriptures: "The stone the builders rejected has become the capstone: the Lord has done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes"

    Jesus Christ said in Luke 4:17 The scroll of the prophet Isaiah was handed to him. Unrolling it, he found the place where it was written: "The Spirit of the Lord is on me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to release the oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord's favour".

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