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  • 1. Dr. Peters Loan Calculator
    « YouTube increase subscribers and views
    Inflation has this singular effect and that is in your old age you will never be able to afford what you took for granted in your youth.
    - Dr. Peter Achutha, June 2010
    President Joe Bideen there is something wrong »

    YouTube adverts infected with virus

    virus infected YouTube

    After I wrote about the problems with the YouTube AI algorithm I found the many advertisments on YouTube carry an infectious virus as shown in the image above. If you spend a lot of time watching YouTube videos do guard your PC with a good antivirus for windows 10 protection program.

    Feedback to YouTube Malaysia

    When I discovered that YouTube advertising was spreading viruses through their adverts I submitted feedback to YouTube. The message I sent them was :-

    "Your Adverts are virus infected. According to AVG they are infected with Mal:vertising virus. I could not include the screen capture because youtube does not allow me to do that. I can send you the screen capture if you tell me where to send it. These virus infected adverts having been going on for some time and none of you noticed it. Isn't that something wonderful I have done for YouTube by catching them and reporting about them. Should I inform all my viewers not to click on youtube adverts or will you fix it?"

    YouTube Malaysia very vindictive against non muslims

    I was really shocked at how they treated such feedback. YouTube Malaysia immediately pumped many adverts on muslim begging for money for their hostels and mosques. How is it after billions of dollars are spent on islam in Malaysia, by the Malaysian government, they still needed to beg people for money to build hostels and mosques? Where did the government funds for Islamic education go to? Were they squandered on high salaries, fast cars and expensive hotels?

    What it does show is that any third world politician can take control of YouTube and tell them which adverts to show and to whom. Has YouTube lost control over what adverts they show? Yes. It is no more about YouTube creators content but only about fitting advertisments for selected viewers. I know this because whenever I view YouTube videos I am inundated with adverts of muslims begging for money for their hostels and mosques and as of end November or early December 2021, they don't care about the flood victims, without food or water for days, in the flooded areas. Worse still, from the WhatsApp reports, the Fire brigade and the army only supplied food and water to muslims and they refused to help stranded non muslims. Even our muslim politicans don't care but YouTube supports these very muslim politicians. Which is more important, building a mosque every kilometer or the flood victims?

    YouTube Malaysia is becoming more and more vindictive

    As of 24 December 2021 the first two videos I watched, the first being Linus Tech Tips DIY SSD made of SD Cards! and the second video I watched was UFD Tech's Intel’s GPU - Fast & Affordable??. These videos have nothing to do with islam and only about computer technology. Why are these islamic adverts shown on Linus Tech Tips and UFD's videos? Has Linus become a muslim? Is the YouTube AI algorithm broken or does YouTube Malaysia hate me so much that they want to be vindictive? They must have nothing to do during working hours to spend so much time targeting non muslims. Haven't you heard that idle hands are the devil's workshop. Or is YouTube Malaysia converting to islam and becoming the Latter Day Saints of islam.

    These are the adverts they showed me within 2 videos:-

    1) muslims begging for donations

    2) muslims begging for donations

    3) muslims begging for donations

    4) muslims begging for donations

    The fourth video and fifth video I watched had this muslim adverts begging for money:-

    5) muslims begging for donations

    6) muslims begging for donations

    7) muslims begging for donations

    8) muslims begging for donations

    9) muslims begging for donations

    more addverts for donations for mosques

    10) muslims begging for donations

    11) muslims begging for donations

    12) muslims begging for donations

    13) muslims begging for donations

    14) muslims begging for donations

    In total only 4 adverts were not for donations to muslims out of the 18 adverts I was shown. That is 78% of adverts shown to me were for muslim donations even though I am Christian. I am really enjoying making these muslims pay for their advertisments on YouTube. I let the advert run for more than 30 seconds and click on the link provided in the advertisment or at the end of the advertisment. Of course it is a different matter if YouTube Malaysia is giving them free advertising.

    YouTube creators and I are under siege by muslims

    I am now begining to suspect that YouTube Malaysia is trying to get rid of non muslim YouTube creators. We, non muslims are under siege by muslims. It is non stop harassment. As YouTube video creators there is nothing we can do or defend ourselves except . . . I have shown of erroneous video promotions that I had explained in my previous article and where I mentioned how the Menteri Besar (Chief Minister) of Pahang and the rest of the Board of Directors of KOSMA, had taken my 86 years old mom's KOSMA shares without her permission.

    The Board of Directors of KOSMA are :-
    YAB. Dato’ Sri Haji Wan Rosdy bin Wan Ismail - Ketua Kerajaan Negeri Pahang,
    Y.H Dato’ Haji Mokhtar bin Haji Mat Salleh – Pengerusi,
    Y.H Dato’ Haji Abdul Manan bin Abdul Rahman - Timbalan Pengerusi,
    Y.H. Dato’ Haji Khadri bin Musa – Setiausaha,
    Tuan Haji Ahmad Shukri bin Johari – Bendahari,
    Y.H. Dato’ Sri Haji Abdul Jabbar bin Haji Ibrahim,
    Y.H. Dato’ Hajjah Nazilah Bt. Abd Latif,
    Y.H Dato’ Zamri bin Mohamed,
    Tuan Drs. Kamarazaman bin Zainal Abidin,
    Encik Azaham Shah bin Badrillah

    YouTube Malaysia just doesn't care. They just inundate my views with muslim adverts. The muslims have squandered their wealth and now come begging non muslims for money. That is what the muslim adverts are about on YouTube. Doesn't YouTube feel ashamed of such bad behaviour or are they in for the money and don't care for their video creators or viewer's sensibilities and preferences. I have now reduced the number of videos I watch on YouTube as it is disgusting to watch Malaysian muslims begging for money when the government of Malaysia provides them with billions of dollars in grants, scholarships and funds while nothing is given to the non muslim. Is YouTube malaysia a racist organisation? Eventually the judgement of the Lord God will come upon YouTube and many of them will suffer painfully.

    Tun Dr. Mahathir, this is your fault and the Lord God had told you, when you appeared to me in a dream and offered me plenty of money, back in 2011 or 2013, that you and the people you are protecting will be going to hell for your cruelty. The next day you were admitted to IJN for a heart attack. I guess many of your faithful followers will join you in hell too. You and your people are fighting against the Lord God with much arrogrance and will burn in hell for that. See, everything you claimed to have achieved has become a failure, right? Vision 2020 is a big failure. You car manufacturing company, Proton, protected by heavy duties on other cars, is a flop and had to be sold to China. The motorcycle business is a failure. It is because of your underhandedness your cronies are ruining this country. Many years ago I predicted that Malaysia would be the largest exporter of maids in South East Asia. Aren't my predictions coming true? You will have your Ph.D. holders working as maids too. Everything is going, nothing will be left and it is all your fault. That is the Lord God's work. What man proposes, the Lord God disposes. I am just the messenger, Navi YHWH. All of you will burn in hell.

    There is no escape. Nobody escapes the Lord God's judgement. Nobody.

    - Dr. Peter Achutha, 23th December 2021
    Updated 8th January 2022

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