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    « Proton car salesman
    Money cannot intoxicate but greed can
    - Dr. Peter Achutha, 18 July 2009
    Disaster in Europe and the end of Ukraine Russia war »

    Is this the end of Ukraine?

    The Way the truth and the life

    Is this the end of Ukraine? I was asking the Lord what can we do to help Ukraine in its hour of need and then an angel of the Lord appeared. It was a giant angel glowing in light and its wings were as long as its body. Then I saw the angel had a long sword in its hands and I understood. Ukrainians, the Lord is with you. Pray for His help.

    Remember 2 Kings 19:34-36 the Lord says “I will defend this city and save it, for my sake and for the sake of David my servant.’” “That night the angel of the Lord went out and put to death a hundred and eighty-five thousand in the Assyrian camp. When the people got up the next morning there were all the dead bodies! So Sennacherib king of Assyria broke camp and withdrew. He returned to Nineveh and stayed there.”

    Putin the monster

    Putin is a monster and will try his best to destroy Ukraine and then move on to other countries until the whole of Europe is under his control. Worst still the Americans are going to let it happen. Every time Putin declares something as an act of war against Russia the West flee like cowards. Putin is using his time well with talks and negotiations that he will not keep. It is his way of buying time to destroy the whole of Ukraine. Look at what he did in Syria and you will see the similarities in Ukraine. Are the Europeans and Americans easily fooled that they cannot see the similarities?

    No fly zone over Ukraine

    Ukraine has been asking for no-fly zone over Ukraine and the West is busying debating the issues while Ukraine is bombed and burned. It is because the Americans and the Europeans have not enabled a no-fly zone over Ukraine that the Ukrainians have asked for fighter jets the MIG 29’s from Poland. Why did the Americans stop that deal? Is it because they wanted Ukraine flattened? Is it because they agree with Putin? Or is it because they are too scared of Putin?

    The Ukrainian Economy

    There is a wrong understanding of events. Putin never did anything to help is people prosper and that is the reason many Eastern Bloc nations are joining the European Union which includes NATO. The Ukrainians cannot afford to buy PCs / computers for home use and many businesses can’t afford them. Here, in Malaysia – a relatively third world country, we take them for granted and use them to play games. Their wages are our minimum wage or half our minimum wage. Minimum wage in Malaysia is (RM is Ringgit Malaysia or MYR) RM900/- to RM1100/- or about US$215 to US$262 or about €197 to €240 which is almost a tenth (1/10) of minium wage in California.

    Many monthly salaries in Eastern Bloc countries, in 2018, are low by European standards. Do note that the figures vary from different sources.


    In Russia the average salary varies. In Moscow it is 124,000 RUB or US$980 or €898 or RM6,200 In Pskov its 25,925 RUB or €188 or US$205 or RM1,300. Putin knows how to fight the low income nations but dare not attack the rich nations.

    So, you can see why everyone wants to go to Europe. Even refugees from Africa, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, … all who are muslims and after destroying their own countries, want to run to Europe. None of the muslims, want to run to Malaysia or Saudi Arabia even though these are muslim countries.

    Putin didn’t care for his people, he was just power crazy. If he really wanted to have all these nations running to him, he should have helped them prosper but he didn’t. Don’t any of you want to have a good salary and afford to eat well and own good things for you and your family?

    Act of war

    When a man comes out of his home, with a knife, to defend his family and home from attackers will he succeed if his attacker has a long sword? Will he succeed if his attacker shoots arrows from across the street at a distance from him? Will he succeed if the attacker shoots arrows with arrow heads on fire with petrol-soaked linen? Isn't it impossible to defend our own home and family with a knife?

    Who started the war? The home owner or the attacker? Every time the attacker says if you, the home owner, arm yourself with a sword or bows and arrows or if anyone comes to help you it is an act of war. Is the attacker vile, deranged rabid dog like monster for saying such things? Should we flee from such dogs and abandon the home owner, who is in distress, or should we kill the rabid dog? They shoot rabid dogs, don't they? Should we have long debates on the pros and cons of whether to provide the home owner swords and bows and arrows until his house burns down and there is nothing to save?

    MAD Mutually Assured Destruction

    Why is the West so scared of Putin when he threatens nuclear war? Let him know about MAD - Mutually Assured Destruction. That is if he uses even one nuclear bomb or missile the West will rain down nuclear ICBM's on all of Russia. Russia will then be laid waste and Putin will have nothing to rule over. Wasn't this the original plan with STAR Wars proposed by President Ronald Reagan in 1983? West needs to show that it is strong and can counter anything Russia does.

    Sanctions are not effective

    Sanctions will never be effective. They will hurt the Russian people but never Putin. You need to go after Putin and his military as nothing else will be effective to stop Putin’s scorched earth policy. After he has done with Ukraine he will come for the rest of Europe, then you can debate some more.

    President Biden is wrong

    President Biden, the leader of the free world, stopped President Trump’s oil pipelines and now has to beg Venezuela for oil and gas. He abandoned Afghanistan when the going got tough and left a billion dollars of arms and equipment for the Taliban to use. Now he thinks the sanctions will work as we watch Ukrainians being bombed and burnt to death.

    When Americans sent soldiers into Afghanistan was Afghanistan a NATO country? In the future when China sends troops to invade and take control of Taiwan will America send troops and warships even though it is not a NATO country. When Syria was in civil war and Americans sent troops to help the rebels and fight ISIS was Syria a NATO country?

    Go after Putin as nothing else will be effective. Putin has always waged war outside of Russia, in other people's country, and tried to show off how powerful he is. Is that true or is it a fake front to show off to the world? If the war comes to Russia what would happen? Would Russia collapse? Would the Russians try to murder Putin? If the war comes to Russia they will have to withdraw from Ukraine and defend themselves, right?

    Ukrainians please use the long sword and pray that the Lord of Hosts and His angels come to your aid. Please pray for blessing and protection of Ukranine and the Ukrainians.

    - Dr. Peter Achutha, 14th March 2022

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